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Centralise important information with Resources

Note: This feature is only available for system admins and content moderators.

Use Resources as the central hub for all of your important company information. Resources gives system admins and content moderators the ability to curate an official set of company resources such as the latest HR policy, help desk FAQs and onboarding information, with no code required. And its consistent navigation allows employees to easily find the information they need.

Here's some inspiration for items to link to from Resources:

  • HR resources such as your pay portal and how to request time off.
  • Travel and expense policies that outline spending limits and how to submit expense.
  • Onboarding resources such as links to an internal training site, onboarding checklist and company culture information.
  • Resources to learn more about using Workplace such as a direct link to the Customer Resource Centre and our training page.

To build your Workplace community's Resources:

  • Click on See More under the Explore section of your Home navigation and select Resources.

  • Click the Add Category button and give your category a name and a short description. Then select Save category.
  • Click on the Add Resource button in the category you just created and add a website URL, resource name and an optional resource description.
  • When you've finished adding all relevant resources to your category, select Done. When you'd like to make resources viewable to the rest of your organisation, select Publish.

Note: Categories will remain hidden from all viewers except other admins until an admin chooses to publish them. Categories can be edited, deleted or hidden at any time.

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