The Workplace Academy

Learn the ins and outs of Workplace with live, interactive training, self-paced courses and more.

The Workplace Academy is your new Workplace training hub, where you'll find free live interactive training, self-paced courses, learning videos and guides.

The Academy is available to all Workplace users, so anyone can get up to speed quickly and get the most out of Workplace. In this guide, you'll learn how to share resources from the Academy in order to train your organisation.

Accessing the Academy

Accessing the Academy

Workplace Academy welcome screen.

Workplace users can access the Academy by following these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the "Log in With Workplace" button and you're in!
If you do not have a Workplace account, you can create an Academy account by clicking on the "Sign up here" link on the Academy welcome screen.

What's in the Academy

What's in the Academy

You'll find learning materials for every kind of learner. Watch videos, take self-paced courses, read guides or sign up for live courses with our team of Workplace specialists.

To help you get started, we've created three starter packs:

  1. New admin
  2. New champion
  3. New user
If you're unsure where to start, we recommend the new user starter pack.

New admin, champion and new Workplace user starter packs

You can explore learning materials by topic from the left-hand navigation, or browse learning materials by content format.

Workplace Academy left-hand navigation and "Browse by topic".

Live training

Our live training is available for anyone to join regardless of their role. To register for live virtual training sessions, click on the "Events" button in the left-hand navigation bar, then click on the "Enrol" button to register.

Enrol button next to each live training in the Academy.

Live training courses are held four times a week. Current available courses are:

How to launch in Workplace (60 mins): Learn how to launch Workplace to your organisation.

How to work in Workplace (60 mins): Learn how you and your organisation can get work done in Workplace.

Workplace admin fundamentals (90 mins): Learn best practices for Workplace system admins.

Strategic communications (60 mins): Learn how to use Workplace to enhance company-wide communications.

Sharing the Workplace Academy with your employees

Sharing the Workplace Academy with your employees

You can customise the learning experience by sharing direct links based on topic, language or user type. Here are some direct links to collections of training materials you can share with your employees in a Workplace post:

Academy home page with human resources content highlighted

The Academy is also available in eight different languages! Share the links below to ensure that your users see learning content in their preferred language:

Anyone can easily access learning materials in a different language on their own by going to "Translated content" from the side navigation.

Embedding the Academy widget

If you have an Intranet or internal website, you can also add the Academy widget to your site so that it's easy to find. Simply copy and paste the HTML code below into your website code.

<iframe title="Intellum LMS Login" id="intellum_lms_login"
width="100%" scrolling="no" style="border: 0px;"></iframe>

Sample message to share the Academy

To help spread the news about the Academy, you can tailor the text below and post it in your Employee FYI group. Make sure that you download Workplace Academy banner and add it as a photo to your post. You can also add a link to the Academy in your Employee FYI group pinned post so it's easy to find again.

Workplace training

We now have access to the Workplace Academy! This is a new learning hub with live training, self-paced courses, learning videos and guides. The Academy has everything you need to learn how to use Workplace to get work done.

You can access the Academy through the link below and simply click on "Log in with Workplace" to see all learning materials.

Workplace Academy

From there, you can complete self-paced courses or attend live, interactive training classes where Workplace specialists are on hand to answer your questions.

Happy learning!

Academy sample post with banner image

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