What's new in Workplace?
January 2020

All the latest Workplace product announcements and feature releases.

We are spreading the festive cheer with the gift of exciting new launches to close out 2019. The festive season is all about coming together, so what better time to launch Learning and Surveys 2.0, which give you more opportunities to hear from and share across your organisation. We also launched Workplace on Portal, providing a dynamic new way to connect with colleagues. And that's not all... read on for all the details.

Surveys 2.0

Delve into the employee experience with Surveys 2.0

Over the past few months, we've made a number of enhancements to Surveys – ranging from reminders for users to the ability for admins to set a custom-invite message. Our most recent set of updates is focused on improving the admin experience of creating, managing and analysing surveys.

  • More distribution options: Admins can now choose between using an existing people set or importing a custom list of recipients.
  • Deeper pulse functionality: Set up recurring surveys with random sampling to see how employee responses trend over time.
  • Better reporting: The results dashboard for completed surveys now includes better visualisations, including response labels.

The Surveys section of the Admin Panel is accessible to system admins, content moderators and custom admin roles with the "manage surveys" permission. For more information, please consult our Help Centre and read this article on Getting the pulse of your organisation.

Set up recurring surveys to random samples.


Spread knowledge with Learning

At Workplace, we see every new year as an opportunity for growth and positive change. That's why we've delivered the new Learning feature to help you onboard, train and share knowledge faster in 2020. Learning captures your team's collective knowledge to make sure that information is easily shared and absorbed. Help people learn faster with interactive media such as video, photos and posts. We recommend using short and snappy content (think 3 to 5-minute videos) to engage employees as they learn. According to the Journal of Applied Psychology , learning in bite-sized pieces makes the transfer of learning from the classroom to the desk 17% more efficient.

Group admins will start to see a "Learning" tab (only visible to them), where they'll be able to enable and add Learning content. As soon as they create or add content to a module, the Learning tab and modules will become visible to group members. The content will be available through the Learning tab, the group itself and in News Feed.

To illustrate how you might use Learning to develop your teams, take a look at our Customer Resource Centre – peer learning. You can also download Learning demo videos here. As always, visit our Help Centre for details on how to use this feature.

Create multimedia learning content with the new Learning feature!

Group settings

Manage all your group settings in one place

The redesigned group management page enables you to easily see all your groups, discover new groups and manage group notifications, membership and News Feed settings, all in one place.

Our new "Bulk Manage Groups" functionality means you can filter for and select multiple groups at once. You can then change settings for all selected groups, empowering you to quickly curate your group preferences without having to navigate to groups individually.

To access the groups management page, go to the left-hand ribbon of your screen and, in the Explore tab under News Feed, click "See More". The first drop-down menu that appears will be "Groups"; click this and your group management page will appear.

Manage your group settings in bulk from the Groups page.

Workplace on Portal

Simple, smart, secure video conferencing with Workplace on Portal

Portal is a video communications hardware device with Smart Camera that allows you to feel more present while collaborating with your colleagues, regardless of distance. The Workplace app on Portal brings an added dimension of immersiveness and high-quality video and sound to your Workplace video calls.

To get started, download the Workplace for Portal app from the Portal app store. You'll have the option to create a specific Workplace app PIN for extra security; then, you'll be able to take Workplace calls on your Portal device!

Workplace on Portal brings an added dimension of immersiveness to your Workplace calls.

Video rights management

Protect your copyrighted videos with video rights management

We've built a feature to help you protect video content that's been shared in your Workplace. With video rights management, you will be able to prevent copyrighted and confidential videos from unauthorised download and distribution outside of Workplace.

Video rights management (VRM) is a feature that encrypts videos published on Workplace and only allows people in your Workplace community who have logged in to Workplace on a supported browser to watch them. Today, VRM is supported on Firefox, Chrome and the Workplace mobile app.

To enable VRM, visit the Security Centre of the Admin Panel, and click on a new tab called "Media rights management". Here, you will find the toggles to enable VRM. All videos uploaded while VRM is enabled will be protected via encryption. You can learn more about video rights management and how to enable it for your community by visiting our Help Centre.

Security reports

Self-serve security reports

Now admins can download customer-only Workplace security reports in the Admin Panel. These security reports include the SOC2 and the penetration test report. The rest of the publicly sharable security reports are housed on the WP marketing site. To download the latest Workplace security certifications, visit the Security Centre of the Admin Panel and click on a new tab titled "Security reports".

Pinned posts

More powerful pinned posts

For when you just can't choose one... You can now pin multiple posts to the top of a group so that important stuff stays top of feed and top of mind. The ability to add multiple pinned posts is enabled in customer test communities and will be made available to everyone on 21 January 2020.

As a group admin, you can go to any post in a group, select the post menu and select "Pin post". Follow the same steps to unpin a post. If you want to select one pinned post that always shows first, go to the post menu of the pinned post and select "Pin to top". This feature will be available on the web as well as iOS and Android Workplace apps.

Pin multiple posts to the top of your group.

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