System admin guide

Learn tips and best practices to help you manage your Workplace.


So, you're a new Workplace system admin. You now have access to some of the most important functionality on Workplace in the Admin Panel, and you might be wondering where to begin. This guide will walk you through how to use the Admin Panel to manage and monitor your Workplace community.

Please note: This guide is specific to system administrators. Other admin types have limited features and functionality. Visit the Help Centre for more information on the different admin roles.

You can download the System Admin Guide one-pager here to share with other admins in your community. For more guidance on the system admin role, join our System admin fundamentals live training. And make sure that you have a look at the user guide for everything you need to start collaborating and communicating on Workplace as a user.

Technical Resources

Find all the information you need for a successful IT deployment of Workplace.

Workplace Admin Fundamentals

Join a live interactive training and learn about technical considerations that can drive adoption and engagement on Workplace.