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People management

For a full guide on adding and provisioning users, visit the Technical resources.

Adding people:

Go to the People page of the Admin Panel. This is where you'll be able to add your users. You can add users to your Workplace in three ways:

Admin roles:

As a system admin, you have the ability to assign admin roles to your colleagues from the administrators section of the Admin Panel. There are four other kinds of admin roles:

  • Analysts can run reports to track adoption and content. Anyone can be an analyst, but we recommend assigning this role to a member of your Workplace implementation team.
  • Account moderators can see/edit profiles, create users and deactivate users. This role would be ideal for a member of your Support Team.
  • Content moderators can see all groups, can delete groups and can moderate content. Content moderators are typically members of the HR Team.
  • Custom roles can be created based on your needs.

Deactivate account

Deactivating users:

You can deactivate users from the People page of the Admin Panel. Users who have been deactivated will be pulled out of their groups four days after deactivation, and their profile and content will be significantly downranked. However, their old posts will remain so that you won't lose this information when someone's account has been deactivated.

Contact Direct Support if you'd like to permanently delete an account. Deleting accounts means that all data and posts associated with them are lost. We recommend deactivating accounts rather than deleting them so that you don't lose important content.

Deactivate account

Profile fields:

Go to the Profile fields tab on the Settings page of the Admin Panel. This is where you can set required profile information. Workplace automatically requires certain fields such as Name, Job Title and Team. We recommend that you add more requirements to help us build your Org Chart and to better assign people to groups using People Sets. Add location, department and division to get a fuller picture of your organisation.

Profile fields


Technical Resources

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