System admin guide

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Group and content management


As a system admin, you can see all of your organisation's groups (including secret groups) in the group page of the Admin Panel. You're also an admin of every one of your organisation's groups. In the group page, go to Admin options. Here, you'll be able to alter group settings, moderate member requests and content and gather group insights.

Admin options

Go to Group settings to pre-approve people to your group based on other groups that they're already members of. You can also add entire teams to you group by adding the team manager.

Membership pre-approvals

People Sets:

People Sets allow you to assign users to groups based on criteria such as account status, department, job title and location. You can also use People Sets to analyse user behaviour based on department, team, location etc.

Reported content

Content management:

Go to the Reported content page of the Admin Panel to handle posts that were reported as inappropriate. You'll see who reported a post and why before deciding whether to approve or remove it.

Profile fields

You can also promote posts by specific people so that they appear at the top of the News Feed for all staff. This is a great way to ensure that announcements made by your C-suite and important company information posts reach every member of your organisation.

Promote posts in News Feed


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