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Employee safety

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Workplace's Safety Center gives you the tools to reach all of your employees with communications that keep them safe and informed.

This guide offers a quick overview of Safety Check. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to use Safety Check, click here.

Assigning Safety Operators:

Go to Safety Center in the Admin Panel to assign new Safety Operators to help you manage your employee safety communications. They will be able to use Safety Center to create new incidents such as live crisis events, system tests and practice drills. They will also be able to send out communications to members of your organization.

Safety Operators

Tests & Drills:

To ensure you’re prepared in the event of a crisis situation, run regular tests and drills using Safety Center.

In your test and drill communications, make sure you’re providing employees with clear instructions on what actions they need to take. Tests don’t typically require action on their end, while drills should prompt them to follow safety procedures such as a physical evacuation.

In the event of an emergency, set up new events quickly. Or run a drill to practice your crisis response performance.

Mark as important

Live Incidents:

When a safety-related situation takes place, create a live incident in Safety Center to manage your response.

  1. Give your live incident a title and description
  2. Assign other Safety Operators to help with communications
  3. Choose from a variety of message styles to help you communicate clearly and effectively, depending on the situation. Message styles include:
    • Safety Alerts: Provide critical information and guidance to help keep people safe.
    • Travel Advisory: Make sure travelers are aware of any places to avoid.
    • Safety Check: Ask people to confirm their safety or request help. Employees can respond with one tap, so you can quickly find out who needs your help.
    • Stakeholder Notice: Notify leadership of any safety issues so they’re kept in the loop.
    • Important Bulletin: Share safety-related news or post-event updates
  4. Choose who will receive your messages by selecting an option from the drop down menu. If selecting profile location, keep in mind that profile location will need to have been filled out in your People directory.
  5. People can receive the safety message through a Workplace notification, Workplace Chat message, and email. Select the channels that are best suited for your audience and send your message.

You can send a variety of safety messages for each live incident to continuously update employees of situations as they unfold. Consider sending out a Safety Alert as you learn about an incident, to quickly inform employees and provide guidance. If the situation becomes serious, send out a Safety Check to verify employees are safe and find out who needs assistance.

A variety of messages added to a live incident.

Track Incident Insights:

Refer back to your live incident to track metrics such as response rates for Safety Checks and read rates for all other message styles.

Dive deeper by clicking into specific messages to see a list of recipients and to track whether they’ve read your message.

If you sent out a Safety Check, track who has marked themselves as safe and who needs your assistance. Contact employees by phone to follow up with anyone who needs help or hasn’t responded to your message.

Keep in mind that people may be unreachable if power or communications are impacted, and you should let employees know that their first priority is always to get themselves to safety.

Incident insights

Share Post-Incident Reports:

Don’t forget to keep affected employees in the loop even after the incident is over. Follow up with employees by sharing an Important Bulletin to let employees know that the incident has been resolved and inform people of any next steps you'll be taking to continue ensuring their safety.

Important Bulletin


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