What's new in Workplace?
November 2019

All the latest Workplace product announcements and feature releases.

This month Workplace released two much-anticipated features: automatic video captioning and customised badges. We also made new additions to the Admin Panel, including powerful improvements to two-factor authentication and SSO.

Automatic video captioning

Automatic video captioning is here!

After announcing at Flow, we are excited to let you know that automatic video captioning has launched to all! Video is a powerful medium of communication that many Workplace customers are increasingly taking advantage of, but video content isn't always convenient or accessible to everyone. Automatic video captioning enables anyone to generate captions for videos on Workplace, making videos accessible to people with hearing impairments and easier to consume anywhere, at any time.

You can add captions with just a couple clicks, edit your captions before publishing or upload your own captions. Currently, video captioning is available for videos uploaded to Workplace with support for live video coming soon!

For more information, visit the Workplace Help Centre and read our guide on engaging your organisation with video in the Customer Resource Centre.

Make videos more accessible with automatic captioning.

Custom badges

Express your unique company values through custom badges

We launched badges earlier this year to recognise employees and build closer connections across organisations. We've now added the ability for companies to create and award their own badges. Custom badges provide a way to recognise employees for their achievements and highlight your unique company values. Plus, to streamline the process of awarding badges, we've added the ability to bulk award via file upload.

Alongside custom badges and bulk awarding, we've added an on/off toggle for admins to manage each badge. As an admin, you can see all badges in your company by clicking on the Admin Panel in the top left of Workplace and clicking on Badges.

Custom badges are being rolled out now and will be available to every company by the end of the year.

Read our guide on using Workplace for recognition to learn more.

Recognise employees and build closer connections with custom badges.

Workplace in wide-screen

Making Workplace easier to use in wide-screen

We have made an update that locks the Workplace interface in place, making it easier to navigate when using a screen larger than 1,920 pixels. This was a top request from many customers using Workplace on large screens.

In wide-screen, the update reduces the amount of white space within the Workplace interface. And it maximises the size of group cover photos, making it easier to predict what your cover photo will look like on the highest resolution displays. We are also introducing a "Display options" setting, so you can toggle the new view on and off.

Two-factor authentication

Protect your community by enforcing two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication has always been available on Workplace as a way to provide extra protection to people's accounts, but it was previously up to each person to enable it for themselves. We've introduced a new feature allowing system admins the ability to enable two-factor authentication for everyone or selected people sets in their community.

This feature is being rolled out now and will be available to all Workplaces by mid-December. You can find this setting in the Security section of the Admin Panel under the tab called Two-factor. Learn more about two-factor and how to enforce it for your community by visiting our Help Centre.

System admins can now enable two-factor authentication.

Multiple SSO providers

Multiple SSO providers

Does your organisation use multiple identity providers (IDP) to manage authentication? In the past, we've only supported one single sign-on (SSO) provider integration per instance, but now you can integrate your Workplace community with multiple providers for a better authentication experience. This feature has been made available to those on the Enterprise plan only.

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