Getting ready to launch

Prepare for your Workplace launch with these six steps of readiness.


Launching Workplace is one of the most exciting projects you will have in your career! You will change the way that all your colleagues connect, communicate and collaborate. With this change comes important work to make sure that this change is welcomed and your whole organisation gets value out of Workplace.

Before launching Workplace, the six steps of readiness will ensure that all key decision makers are aligned and bought into using Workplace. Completing the six steps of readiness will set you up for a successful launch of Workplace.

Download the launch checklists to stay on top of your launch requirements:

Six steps of readiness

Six steps of readiness

1. Align on business drivers
Clearly identify what your company goals are that can be influenced by Workplace. This is not about launching "just another tool" but about transforming your organisation with tangible objectives and plans.

If you're unsure how to identify your business drivers, you can conduct a Workplace value assessment workshop to not only identify your business drivers for using Workplace but also the value that Workplace can bring to your business.

Learn how to conduct a value assessment workshop

2. Gain executive sponsorship
Confirm that your C-suite is ready to embrace a new way of communicating and sharing direction to your organisation on Workplace.

3. Ensure IT alignment
Understanding your technical landscape will result in better security, account management and automation on Workplace. Including your IT team early will ensure a successful Workplace launch.

Visit the Workplace technical resources to find all the information you need for a successful IT deployment

4. Build your Workplace program team
Gather the following leads to support your Workplace transformation journey before you get started:

  1. Executive sponsor: Drives Workplace buy-in and direction from the top of the organisation.
  2. Project manager: Manages the end-to-end Workplace launch project. Coordinates resources throughout the launch process.
  3. IT lead: Imports all employees to Workplace and integrates Workplace with your identity provider/SSO if applicable. Sets up integrations and bots to simplify your organisations' processes using Workplace and other tools that you already use.
  4. Internal communication lead: Plans and executes a multi-channel communication strategy to drive excitement and engagement about Workplace across your whole organisation.
  5. Champions and influencers: Workplace advocates who shape your Workplace community by adding content in preparation for launch and building excitement across your organisation.

5. Confirm whether you'll need Partner support
Partners will help you reduce your project work and drive higher engagement rates across your organisation. You can work with a Workplace partner to launch Workplace across the company and increase adoption after you've launched.

Learn more about Workplace partners near you

6. Identify a launch date
Confirming a launch date to deploy Workplace to your whole organisation will help you stay on track and motivated.

Three key takeaways for getting ready to launch with Workplace
Key takeaways

Key takeaways

Confirm that you have the six steps of readiness in place prior to launching Workplace:

  • Align on business drivers
  • Gain executive sponsorship
  • Ensure IT alignment
  • Build your project team
  • Confirm whether you'll need partner support
  • Identify a launch date

Invite each member of your project team to Workplace and follow up with them to ensure that they claim their account.

Add each project team member to a "Workplace launch" project group to start collaborating on your Workplace launch. This not only brings everything launch-related onto Workplace but also gets your project team more familiar with how to use Workplace.

Learn how to create a group here

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