Get your whole organisation on Workplace

Get all your employees active and engaged on Workplace.

So you've launched Workplace to your organisation, but not everyone's on board. Getting employees to adopt new work tools can be a challenge, but we're here to help. This guide will walk you through tips and best practices for getting 100% of your organisation on Workplace.


1. Look at the right metrics

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The Insights section of your Admin Panel has all the metrics you need to gauge your Workplace's adoption health. Keep an eye on these metrics and use them to assess which strategies for boosting adoption fit your needs.


Use the People tab to analyse adoption and activity in your organisation. At the very top of the page, you'll find high-level metrics such as:

  • Invited: The number of users that have been provisioned and invited to join your Workplace.
  • Activated: The number of people who have accepted the invitation to join Workplace and have activated their profiles. You're going to want this number to be 80% or higher.
  • Monthly active: The number of people who were active on Workplace in the last 28 days.
  • Retained: The number of people who were active on Workplace on at least 10 days of the last 28 days.

Take a deeper dive by looking at adoption and activity over time with custom date ranges, or analysing across segments of your organisation such as department, location, manager and more. Use this data to track regional or department claims which you can use in friendly claims competitions – scroll down to 5 for tips on how to do this.


Don't overlook your profile picture metrics, they're an important indicator of your Workplace's overall health!

Profile pictures help people put a face to a name and create a more personal experience on Workplace. You should aim for more than 75% of your organisation to have added a profile picture.

Weekly reminders

2. Send weekly reminders

Send weekly activation reminders to all invited but not yet activated accounts. You can send these through Workplace or send tailored messages to different segments of your organisation via email.

Pro tip: Set a reminder for yourself to send claim reminders each week so you don't forget.

Make sure that your email administrator has added as a safe sender to your email host so people can receive claim account emails.

You can also use mail merge to send personalised claim reminders. See the mail merge instructions for a detailed guide on sending claim reminders.

Team and daily work

3. Manage your team and daily work in Workplace

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Moving content to Workplace encourages more people to join. Move all company announcements to Workplace and use your corporate channels, such as email, to inform staff when announcements are made, linking them to Workplace to find out more.

When people managers move to Workplace, their direct reports tend to follow. Enlist the support of people managers early on and provide them with the resources they'll need to centralise all team and project work in Workplace groups. Move all team communications out of your existing channels and into Workplace.

For more resources on working in Workplace, see:

Executive Live Q&A

4. Host an executive Q&A using Live

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Doing a live Q&A with an executive is a great way to encourage people to claim their Workplace account. Make Workplace the only place where they can watch the live stream and make sure that you promote the event so that everyone has ample time to activate their account. Follow these steps to host a live executive Q&A in Workplace:

  1. Create a Q&A poll in the company FYI group and make sure that the executive posts this poll and asks for feedback.
  2. Create an event in your company FYI and announce that the event will be live streamed on Workplace and that people can ask questions in the comments section during the event.
  3. Promote the Q&A through your corporate channels such as email.
  4. Let staff know that they'll only be able to watch the live stream in Workplace.
  5. During the event, answer top questions from the poll and allow viewers to ask questions through comments. Use live features to share event highlights.
Claims competition

5. Get creative with a friendly claims competition

Organise a team/departmental claims contest and hand out prizes for highest claim rates and activity on Workplace:

  1. Navigate to the People tab of Insights in the Admin Panel
  2. Scroll down to see claim rate by department

  3. Decide what type of claims contest you'd like to have and what winners will receive
  4. Share the contest rules, deadline and incentive with the leaders of each team. Make sure to include:
  • The current claim rates by region/department.
  • A compelling incentive to get claim rates over 80%.

5. Follow up with team leads to track success.

6. Celebrate each team and share their success as they reach a claim rate of 80%!

You can also tie Workplace actions into charity donations. For example, donate USD 1 to charity for every Workplace mobile app download.


6. Leverage your IT team to help boost adoption

Your IT team can help speed up the transition and make it even easier to embed Workplace at your organisation with these IT hacks:


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