Celebrate your connected community

Six tips to help you celebrate your Workplace anniversary.

Your journey to connect your workforce started the day that you deployed Workplace. You've taken big steps to transform work at your organisation, and it's important to celebrate the impact that these steps have had on productivity and culture. Many organisations use their Workplace anniversary as a milestone to recognise the positive changes they've seen so far. This guide will help you plan and execute an event to celebrate your connected community.

How to do it with Workplace

Measure success

1. Measure success

Want to share this video in a Workplace post? You can download it here.

Go to the Insights in the Admin Panel to find statistics that will help you quantify the success that you've had so far. Check to see how many people have claimed their accounts out of all people invited from the People tab. You'll also find the number of daily active, weekly active and monthly active users.

Go to the Content tab to see the number of posts, comments, reactions and messages your Workplace community has had over the past 28 days.

And take a look at the new Connections tab to get a clearer view of how people in your organisation are connecting and sharing across your Workplace.

Share these statistics in a post in your company announcement groups, along with a teaser for a live event with your executives and more information on how you'll be celebrating. Make sure that a Workplace admin marks your post as important so that nobody in your organisation misses it.

Share statistics in a post in your company announcement group.

Get your executives involved

2. Get your executives involved

Ask your leadership team to broadcast a Q&A to your community using Live. Invite employees to ask questions focused on how Workplace has helped increase productivity and improve company culture. Make sure that executives highlight specific examples of recent improvements. And make sure that you share the Exec visibility and accessibility guide with them for best practices on executive communications on Workplace.

Want to share this video in a Workplace post? You can download it here.

Give employees a voice with polls

3. Give employees a voice with polls

Why not get people's thoughts on how Workplace has improved the way they work or enhanced connections and brought the organisation closer? Create a poll asking people how Workplace has helped transform work at your organisation. Encourage employees to add their answers and to vote on answers added by others. Some example questions that you can ask in your poll include:

  • How has Workplace made your work life better?
  • How has Workplace improved communication in your company?
  • How has Workplace enabled you to connect with colleagues?
Educate people on using Workplace

4. Educate people on using Workplace

This is a great opportunity to continue educating your community on how they can get more out of Workplace. Share links to Customer Resource Centre guides in your Workplace groups. Decorate your office with educational posters and share gifs and images in company groups. You can also hold Workplace workshops, teaching employees how to use Workplace to work smarter and more efficiently.

Some shareable educational materials that you can use today include:

Recognise your top contributors

5. Recognise your top contributors

To find your top contributors, go to Insights from the Admin Panel. From there, go to the Content tab and scroll down to see your top contributors. Celebrate your most active users with awards and announce the winners during your live event. Take photos and share a post with photos or videos of award winners in your company FYI group on Workplace.

Make it fun!

5. Make it fun!

Many organisations on Workplace have celebrated their connected communities by putting up a photo booth, providing cake and biscuits, decorating the office or hosting a happy hour. Make sure that you create an event on Workplace to let everyone know the time, venue and theme. And make sure that you read our guide for more best practices on managing events using Workplace.



  • Celebrate the improvements you've made to existing workflows.
  • Increase executive visibility with live Q&A.
  • Educate your employees on how they can work smarter with Workplace.
  • Encourage more engagement with top contributor awards.
Build a culture of recognition and care