Best practices to enable your whole organisation to communicate, collaborate and get the most out of Workplace

Introduction to deepening

Launching Workplace is just the beginning of your Workplace journey to transforming the way you work and connecting your whole organisation. Now the real fun starts!

In order for Workplace to truly change the way that people work together, it's important to understand what your goals are with Workplace and educate your organisation on how each member can work smarter and more efficiently together.

Deepening Workplace

Working closely with thousands of successful organisations of all sizes and spanning industries of all types, we have identified three common ways in which customers deepen their use of Workplace.

  1. Connect and communicate – your colleagues go to Workplace to connect and communicate. This can be in the form of company-wide broadcasting down to two-way communication between peers.
  2. Collaborate – the members of your organisation manage teams and projects through Workplace to get work done and truly work together.
  3. Automate – our organisation has simplified workflows by bringing them onto Workplace and integrating with other tools that you use every day to bring the conversation and work onto Workplace.

Pro tip: Name a Chief Workplace Officer

Creating a dedicated team and/or naming an official Chief Workplace Officer will allow you to scale your deepening activities in the long run. The Chief Workplace Officer can be the main point of contact for anything Workplace-related: KPIs, big live events and training everyone on Workplace best practices. The Chief Workplace Officer should also manage the community of Workplace champions that you started during your launch.


Resources to help deepen the use of Workplace.