Best practices to enable your whole organisation to communicate, collaborate and get the most out of Workplace


Automation on Workplace allows you to simplify your workflows and bring the conversation onto Workplace. This is where Workplace truly transforms the way you work and where the value of connecting, communicating and collaborating is fully realised. In order to truly automate through integrations, you need to first set up integrations with the tools you already use. It's important to involve your IT team early to ensure that the integrations are set up correctly.

Best practices to automating include:

1. Connecting Workplace to the tools you use every day

We have a large number of out-of-the-box integrations for you to connect Workplace to other tools that you use. This allows you to get more work done on Workplace with information pushed directly to working groups. The easiest place to start is with a group integration such as one of our media integrations. You can push information from a trusted news source directly to a group.

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Pro tip: Work with your IT team to identify company-wide integrations that you may be able to use. The IT lead who was part of your launch project team can help you identify which integrations are best to integrate with Workplace. Once an integration is live, it's important you make sure that your whole company knows. A post in your company FYI group with instructions on how to use the integration and how it will benefit members of your community will ensure that people are not only aware but that they also start using it to improve their work processes.

View the Workplace Integration Directory to see all our available integrations

2. Building custom integrations

Our graph and bot APIs allows your organisation to build custom integrations in Workplace. We have seen companies connect Workplace to their IT support tools, build a chat bot to help new colleagues understand unique organisational acronyms and create a group bot to enable colleagues to thank one another – to name just a few unique custom integrations.

Our specialised partners can help you build custom integrations learn more here


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