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Customisable tools and learnings from Facebook's return-to-office team.

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Employee engagement calendarEmployee engagement calendar

After more than a year of remote and hybrid working, organisations around the world are beginning to plan their return to office. If you're involved in this project, you know this is a massive endeavour that requires careful planning and a comprehensive communication strategy.

With Workplace, you can create a central home for all of your return-to-office information, spanning static resources, dynamic updates, health and safety alerts and more. Group membership and Knowledge Library permissions allow you to be precise with audience targeting, and features such as live video, surveys and polls can help you engage employees and gather valuable feedback.

Workplace has been central to Facebook's own return to office. The team spent countless hours devising a communication plan, sharing critical information and gathering feedback from employees. To help you make the most of Workplace during this transition, we've created the return-to-office toolkit with key learnings from the Facebook team. It includes:

We hope you find this toolkit valuable as you build your own internal communication plan. For even more employee engagement resources, click here.

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