The January journey campaign kit

Eight challenges to help you and your employees get the year off to the right start.

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Dowloadable employee engagement toolkitDowloadable employee engagement toolkit

2020 was a year full of tremendous challenges – and ones we would have rather not faced, if we had the choice. Now that the year is (finally) coming to an end, we're excited to introduce the January journey campaign kit, an internal campaign that we hope will help you and your organisation envision a brighter future in 2021.

How it works:

We've built eight fun, light-hearted challenges that you can use across the four weeks of January to slam the door on 2020 and start 2021 on a high note. These challenges were designed to help employees ring in the new year with optimism and humour, while encouraging them to connect and share their experiences.

To run the campaign in your own Workplace:

  • Create a regular schedule for your posts. There are eight challenges in the campaign kit, which means you can share two a week, for example on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also pick and choose the challenges that are best suited for your organisation. You can use the 2021 employee engagement calendar to plan out a timeline for your posts.
  • Share a kickoff post, explaining how the January journey works and make sure that you add the introductory GIF included in the kit to your post. If you plan on giving out prizes to people who complete all eight challenges, make sure you highlight that using bold letters and emojis.

  • On the same days each week, share one of the challenges and encourage employees to complete the challenge by responding in the comments. The campaign kit includes sample post copy that you can use as a reference.

  • At the end of the month, highlight the employees that completed all eight challenges. You can create an achievement post for each employee and add their photo from challenge number one. Then, share a short appreciation message and list each of his or her responses to the challenges.

What's in the kit:

The January journey campaign kit includes:

  • Directions for how to run the campaign, including sample post copy for each of the challenges and for your kickoff post.
  • One introductory GIF for your kickoff post.
  • Eight GIFs to be used in each of the challenge posts.

For more internal campaign inspiration and employee engagement materials, visit the Toolkits section of the Customer Resource Centre.

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