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Valet Living is an amenity services company that supports the multi-family housing industry in over 40 states across the US. From in-home services such as cleaning, package delivery, laundry and pet care, to maintenance and grounds keeping work around apartment communities, Valet Living aims to raise the bar on residential concierge services.

How Workplace helped

20% increase in employee retention

Henry Toledo, Chief People Officer at Valet Living, noticed a direct correlation between the implementation of Workplace and a steady rise in Valet Living's associate retention rate. By tracking a year-on-year comparison, Valet Living identified a 20% increase in associate retention since Workplace was introduced.

50% increase in filling vacancies with internal candidates

To help drive a culture of internal promotion, Valet Living created a company-wide 'Your Career' group on Workplace for new job opportunities. Associates now use the group to share stories of team members who have been promoted and celebrate work anniversaries. Valet Living has achieved a 50% increase in filling headcount from within its own ranks thanks to Workplace.

Connecting thousands of dispersed workers

90% of Valet Living's workforce is made up of part-time staff working varied shifts who felt disconnected from each other. Workplace has connected people and teams across the organisation. The sales team now uses Workplace to share tips and foster friendly competition. District Managers provide inspiration, team goals, and virtual stand-ups via team groups to rally people together for the day ahead.

"I personally get on Workplace every day. I love seeing our associates interacting with one another in new and different ways. Workplace has helped us become a better organisation by giving us an innovative way to communicate with our associates across the country."

Shawn Handrahan

Shawn Handrahan

President & CEO of Valet Living

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