Workplace Chat

Workplace Chat is a fun, intuitive and fast way to connect with anyone, wherever, whenever.

Accelerating business collaboration

Workplace Chat is the instant messaging tool for your business. Connect with anybody, whenever, wherever, to share information, make decisions or just say 'hi'.

Boost your personal productivity

Instant messaging should make you more productive not less. That's why we make sure that Workplace Chat has all the controls you need to stay focused on the task at hand.

Pin to top

Make sure that your most important chat threads are always visible, so you never miss a crucial update.

Do not disturb

Need to focus? Block notifications unless someone mentions you by name, or appear off the grid for a set period of time.

Dark mode

More of a night owl than an early bird? Switch on dark mode in your phone settings to make sure that your chat threads (and other content) stand out so you can stay productive while avoiding eye strain.

Create more engaging team communication

With Workplace Chat, you don't have to settle for simple text messages. Send GIFs and emojis or react with a thumbs-up to make conversations fast, fun and engaging.

Do more with your business messaging app

Bring rich functionality to your messaging with the ability to create polls and surveys, send files, automate tasks or even share your location – all without leaving your chat thread on mobile or desktop.

Make voice and video calls

Sometimes, the speed of your typing just can't keep up with the speed of your thoughts. When that happens, simply switch from text to voice or video calls at the touch of a button and carry on the conversation face to face.

Control the pace of team collaboration

Workplace brings synchronous and asynchronous communications together. So you can hold real-time discussions in Chat while saving the less urgent conversations for groups.

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Live video

The most authentic way to communicate with your team.

Knowledge Library

Make static content easily discoverable on desktop and mobile.


Connect to the tools that you're already using.

News Feed

Stay up to date with the information you care about.


Work together in 91 languages at the touch of a button.