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Sam's Club is the membership warehouse of iconic retailer Walmart, and one of the largest retail companies in the United States. Sam's Club delivers exclusive items and huge volume to millions of savvy shoppers in the U.S. With 100,000 associates working in Sam's Club retail stores across the country.

Why Workplace?

Due to their large number of employees, communicating and engaging with associates was a challenge. Sam's Club turned to Workplace to trial a new, efficient, mobile-first way of communicating for Home Office and club associates.


"The beauty of Workplace is that there's no training needed. People know how to use it because they use Facebook every day. It was the easiest rollout we've ever done. Once people get on it, they're hooked."

Jami Lamontagne
Senior Communications Director, Sam’s Club

Creating a two-way dialogue to connect teams and solve problems

For Sam's Club, traditional, top-down communications centered around email and there wasn’t a good avenue to share feedback or ideas. Workplace created instant connections between all 600 retail clubs, and a two-way dialogue between clubs and Home Office.

One associate took to Workplace to ask for help with streamlining his club’s Pickup service. The post was flooded with suggestions, including a comment from someone in Home Office tagging a member of the Pickup team and asking them to share their top five tips. When leadership announced that they wanted to focus on having clean shopping carts in clubs, one club team created a fun rap video about clean shopping carts that went viral on Workplace and boosted awareness of the initiative.

Championing best practice in the business

Once information began flowing more freely around the organization, clubs began trading tips, ideas and productivity hacks. One of Sam's Club's most popular promotions is the Instant Savings program, where associates cross- merchandise discounted products together, such as cheese and wine. Associates have taken to Workplace to post photos of how they're promoting Instant Savings, which has resulted in greater innovation and consistency in visual merchandising across Sam's Clubs.

Every Sam's Club has associates who are responsible for receiving freight. These associates now rely heavily on their shared Workplace group to get practical advice on laying out bulky or complicated displays in clubs.

Surfacing stories and strengthening culture

Storytelling is part of Sam's Club's culture. Workplace has given associates the tools to share stories and create more delightful moments at work. They share pictures of the comment cards that happy members fill out in clubs. In a company-wide group called 'Sam's Club Shout-Outs,' senior leaders regularly congratulate associates and clubs that go above and beyond.

Walmart CEO Doug McMillon recently participated in a company-wide QA that was live streamed via Workplace, giving every associate in the business the chance to ask him a question personally and feel that their ideas can have impact.

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