Breaking the language barrier for a stronger culture

Mercado Libre (MELI) is the largest e-commerce ecosystem in Latin America, with 138 million users and over $7.2bn in gross merchandise volume. Workplace is used by all 3,700 employees across 13 countries.

Why Workplace?

High-traffic, untargeted email groups made communication across countries and departments distracting and unproductive.

Business units were unaware of initiatives in other countries until well after launch. The company has grown quickly and was eager to hold onto their culture and connect Spanish and Portuguese-speaking employees.


“Workplace has helped our business grow and improved efficiency by reducing unnecessary email. It helps our employees communicate across countries and has brought us closer together."

Sebastián Fernández Silva
VP Human Resources, Mercado Libre

Relevant updates

MELI employees immediately took to Workplace. By using groups for each business, they find it easier to share updates with the right audience, reducing unnecessary or irrelevant email.

Breaking language barriers

Workplace’s auto-translate feature allowed Spanish-speaking and Portuguese-speaking employees to share updates across language barriers.

Collaboration and business growth

Several business units grew significantly, simply because people found it easier to meet deadlines and get work done.

Key Features


Connect to the tools you’re already using.


Work together in 91 languages at the touch of a button.

Workplace Chat

Make quick decisions with instant messaging and video calls.