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DNB ASA is Norway's largest financial services group. Competitors aren't just other banks. In the changing landscape of the digital economy, DNB needed to move fast.

Traditional top-down communication slowed the company down. They needed a new culture to share ideas, move faster and attract the younger working population.

Customers expect DNB to be digitally literate. Using Workplace helps all employees adjust to real-time digital communications.


74%of respondents to an employee survey say that Workplace has made it easier to share knowledge and keep tabs on what's going on inside DNB

90%of employees say that Workplace is their preferred internal communication tool, with over half of them using it on their phones

How Workplace helped

By posting in a team group, a customer support representative got help from a senior executive to resolve a difficult question. Groups break down hierarchies and ease communication.

A senior manager uses groups for team discussion, giving everyone equal visibility.

Workplace Chat is replacing email as the place to make quick decisions.

The company feels smaller and flatter, supporting a culture of speed.

"Workplace enables us to change fast enough inside to meet customer demands outside."

Nina Hareide-Larsen

Nina Hareide-Larsen

EVP of Corporate Communications

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