The power of Workplace integrations – interoperable, mobile, transparent and secure

by Sabrina Morsello

Launched today at F8, new Workplace integrations will bring together the tools that you use every day, into one central place.

At Workplace, we believe that we can enable the future of work and collaboration. We do this by helping people achieve more while doing less.

We now have integrations available for both Premium and Standard customers. Everyone will now have the ability to connect Workplace to other cloud applications that they use at work.

Premium customers will have access to a wide range of integrations through our Integration Directory. We listened to our customers' feedback and built integrations with some of the most popular SaaS tools such as Jira Cloud by Atlassian, Microsoft Sharepoint, ServiceNow, Adobe Sign and SurveyMonkey. For now, Standard customers will have access to a more limited set of integrations, including content integrations with tools such as Box, OneDrive and Dropbox, and RSS feed integrations, which can be added to any group.

We have just scratched the surface of what is possible. So we are also asking third-party developers to register their interest in building integrations for the tens of thousands of organisations that use Workplace.

Sharing information

Sharing your work from the many different tools used across a company can be time-consuming. As Workplace is where conversations are happening, we wanted to make it as simple as possible to share and discuss content. We did this by providing rich previews of content so that you can get the gist of what teammates are sharing straight from a post. These authenticated previews only allow people who have access to content to see a preview, so you can be confident that you are sharing with the right audience.

Share, discuss and track issues with Jira Cloud

Below is an example of our Jira Cloud integration, which allows group members to share, discuss and track Jira tasks (called issues) with others in a Workplace group to get questions answered and move work forwards. It also enables users to get a more holistic view of Jira issues – including who shared them, what was said and which Workplace groups shared it – from within Jira Cloud. We are also offering similar integrations to make sharing easier with Cornerstone OnDemand, Medallia and more.

Sometimes you need to share more than just one piece of information. Workplace goes beyond an intranet, by creating not just a space for static information, but instead a dynamic community where people can ask questions, debate and share suggestions.

Experience better collaboration with SharePoint

With our new ability to link folders to a group, moving between your intranet and Workplace is seamless. You can take a Microsoft Sharepoint Online folder with key employee information and easily map it to a Workplace group. This technology also allows you to attach folders from your favourite cloud storage tools such as Box, Dropbox and Microsoft OneDrive.

Staying up to date

Ease of sharing information is crucial to working efficiently, but sharing with a wide audience can sometimes slow work down. Workplace integrations help information travel faster, with bots to automatically share notifications in Groups or Workplace Chat.

Engage more with teams using SurveyMonkey

Imagine that you are sending out a user survey on a new product line that just launched and all eyes are on the results. You can set up the SurveyMonkey integration with Workplace to post a daily summary of results to your project group, keeping everyone up to date without lifting a finger.

In addition to SurveyMonkey, we offer many integrations providing timely notifications such as Hubspot, Marketo, Vonage, Cisco WebEx and Zoom.

We've also added the ability for different news sources to post directly to a group. With a couple of clicks, you can get updates straight into a Workplace group from sites such as Bloomberg or even subscribe to custom RSS feeds such as your company's blog. With these new tools, you can stop wasting time seeking out information and spend time on work that matters.

Simplifying process

For many of us, one of the most dreaded words used at work is 'process'. It conjures up thoughts of rules and bureaucracy and wasted time. Workplace integrations enable you to move some of the most painful work processes such as submitting time off, managing a project plan or signing a document.

Simplify painful processes using ADP

One of these new bots that you can enable today is the ADP bot. Any employee can start a chat with ADP to request pay slips, PTO balance and more.

This isn't the only bot we offer to speed up workflows. We have also partnered with Adobe Sign, Kronos, Smartsheet and more. Combining some of these seemingly simple integrations together can save hours of administrative work in a given week. This is the power of an interconnected way of working.

Centred on security

Security is at the core of everything we build for Workplace. We have taken great care to extensively review our integrations both internally and through a third-party security audit. We also strive to ensure that you understand exactly what happens when you add an integration to Workplace.

Workplace premium system administrators have full control over the integrations enabled and made available to their Workplace communities from the Admin Panel. System admins also have an interface to manage all integrations, review data access permissions and remove them at any time.

We believe in transparency for every Workplace user, not just our premium admins. So we also provide each user with a place in their settings to review the specific integrations installed on their account. Learn more here.

Better together

We are just getting started on our journey to give the world a place to work together across any team, company and tools. We've seen Workplace become more powerful, useful and all-round better when seamlessly connected with other ways you work. The integrations that we've announced today help move our customers beyond just collaboration, on to automation and overall IT integration with Workplace.

You can see for yourself how Workplace and the other apps that you use at work are better together. Enable the integrations that we've shared above and learn more by taking a look at our directory or the Integrations tab in any group.

If you're a developer and you are interested in building on the platform that organisations already use to work better together, please register your interest today.

To learn more about how we are making it easier to get work done, visit

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