Using Workplace to grow a global LGBTQ+ community

by Nicola Brassington

Workplace is free for charities and educational institutions with Workplace for Good. Watch how the It Gets Better Project is using it to connect and collaborate as a truly global team.

When Brett Peters, Director of Media & Strategic Partnerships at It Gets Better Project (IGBP), heard about Workplace in 2016, he was immediately interested. "I just knew," he recollects, "that this was what we needed to do."

And so it went. The IGBP team moved fast and adopted early to launch Workplace across the whole organisation. And since then, the results have been spectacular. Our new video takes up the story…

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Free for good

Workplace for Good allows charities and educational organisations to use Workplace Premium for free. A benefit that can make a huge difference for NFPs large and small.

The fact that Workplace for Good is a lifeline for a small charity

As Avrielle Gallagher, a board member at IGBP points out, "The fact that Workplace for Good is free is incredible. It's a lifeline for a small charity."

Next-gen communication and collaboration

The IGBP team were quick to connect all of their global affiliates using Workplace groups. And they also wanted to join teams together using HD voice and video calling.

Brian Wenke, Executive Director at IGBP, is a big fan of the video conferencing tool in Workplace Chat and the ability it gives users to move directly into a voice or video call from an existing text chat.

When text isn't doing it, you can say "let's jump on a video call!"

"One of my favourite tools is the text and video in Workplace Chat. When text isn't doing it, you can say 'let's jump on a video call!'"

The right technology helping organisations do the right thing

IGBP continue to push how they use Workplace to enable people to work smarter.

Better communications through chat tools. Seamless collaboration through project groups. And using integrations with the other tools such as Dropbox to share and edit documents without using email.

People are empowered by technology that provides better tools

These results are impressive and are helping the IGBP team build a global network of affiliates. A truly connected group of people who understand LGBQT+ issues and know first hand some of the challenges that young LGBTQ+ people can face.

But now it's a community empowered by a technology that's providing better tools to chip away at the IGBP mission.

So they can continue to uplift, empower and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the globe. And reassure them that whatever it is they're dealing with at the moment, it really does get better…

Read more about the It Gets Better Project story here. Or visit Workplace for Good to sign up your charity or educational organisation.

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