How Workplace bots are adding magic to the mundane tasks at work

The repetitive everyday tasks might never be fun, but should they be so painful? Here's how Workplace bots are simplifying workflows and making work more delightful.


Bots fix the simple things. They can streamline routine jobs like booking time off or requesting IT equipment which can often get in the way of the real work.

And by making these tasks easier and more user friendly you give people more time to focus on the problems you hired them to solve.

In Workplace, bots work directly within Workplace Chat or via your choice of Workplace groups.

This gives you customised or off-the-shelf automation directly from your default work platform – so you don't even have to swap between tools to make the magic happen.

Workplace bots can help you to:

Untangle work with Workplace

From informing everyone about the return to the office to adopting a hybrid way of working, Workplace makes work more simple.

Keeping you right up-to-date

Keeping you right up-to-date

Using bots can help your teams stay informed across the many tools they use every single day. Bots can automatically send notifications in Workplace groups or Workplace Chat so the information in your organisations travels fast and work gets done quick.

Learning and development bots

Organisations are using bots to:

Off the peg or by design

Off the peg or by design

If you need something more specific you can easily build your very own custom bot or get help from our network of partners.

This enables you to:
  • Build bots that elegantly surface information from clunky databases
  • Connect home-grown tools to the conversations happening on Workplace

Sound interesting? Learn more from our Workplace Developer Docs or meet our Service Partners.


Scheduling and productivity bots

Workplace bots in the wild

Workplace bots in the wild

But don't just take our word for it. Workplace customers are already using existing and custom bots to bring magic to the mundane at work.

Ennismore Group

Ennsimore is using bots to automate processes and add fun. The 'Switch it up' example is one of several bots built with Workplace partner The Bot Platform.

The bot is eliminating paperwork and a lot of admin relating to a job swap program at Ennismore. It's also making the user experience and application process more convenient and intuitive.

"With bots, you can create your own tools and personalise the experience your staff are having. Bots allow you to make Workplace yours."

“With bots, you can create your own tools and personalise the experience your staff are having. Bots allow you to make Workplace yours.”

Wake Up Warrior has successfully built over 15 Workplace bots. These automations are saving the team hundreds of working hours every month that they can reinvest back into growing and developing the business.

“Without Workplace bots, we literally couldn’t do what we’re doing.”

One of these bots allows new starters to schedule all of the relevant training they need in less than five minutes.

As a result, Wake Up Warriors are now onboarding people 10-times faster using Workplace.

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