Cisco and Workplace FAQs

Here are some questions that we think may come up as you get started on the Cisco and Workplace partnership.

I have a support issue, what do I do?
  • Log in with an admin account in Workplace.
  • Then select the "?" and access "Contact Workplace Support"
Can I chat with a live agent?
  • OK. We have a fast and seamless live chat offering.
  • Live chat support is offered 24/7 in all regions.
  • To chat with a live agent: go to your Admin Panel > select "Chat with us" in the top right.
What are the Workplace pricing plans
  • Start with our Core plan, billed per person, per month. You can choose to customise your Workplace experience with optional add-ons, including enhanced support and more powerful video streaming.
  • Visit the Workplace pricing page for details and a full list of features that are included with the Core plan and optional add-ons.
How do I set up a Workplace account?
  • If you'd like to get started with Workplace, you can fill in this form to start the six-month trial on Workplace Core here.
  • If your company is already using Workplace Core, you can set up your account by clicking the link in the email you received or by visiting your [YourCompanyName] (example: from your computer
    • Note: Users in companies without subdomains can set up their accounts by visiting Once you've set up your account, you can download the iPhone or Android app to access it from your own device.
How can I set up my Workplace?
  • Find out more about some of the basic settings that you can use to get Workplace ready for your organisation. Visit our guides on managing employee accounts once you're ready to start inviting colleagues.
  • For more details, visit here.
  • Workplace customers will have a 6-month free trial. Once this free trial period ends, the billing cycle will begin on the first day of the following month. At the end of that month, the bill will be generated based on the number of active users for that month. The days that fall between the end of the free trial period and the first day of the next month won't be charged.
What partnerships already exist between Workplace and Cisco?
  • The partnership has led to very important functionalities:
    • Webex meeting bot: You can invite people to your Webex meeting directly in Workplace, others can join by clicking the link in the message.
    • Additionally, you can stream Webex Meetings and Events on Workplace: hosts can stream their video and content using Webex Meetings/Events controls without plugins. For more detailed information on this, please visit here.
What may I expect to come as a result of the Cisco and Workplace Partnership
Who can I contact if I have a support question for Cisco?
  • For additional questions, please visit the Cisco Webex support page here.