How Workplace helps comms teams

Engaging strategic comms. More visible leadership. Amplifying company culture. Comms leaders use Workplace to achieve all this and more. Watch the video and find out how.

Making comms teams more successful

Executive visibility

Employees want open and visible leaders. 83% of users agree that Workplace enables more leadership communication and 68% say that it allows more transparency on executive decisions.

  • Senior leaders can use live video to share updates from their desk or mobile to small groups or the whole organisation
  • Move leadership teams from email distribution groups to Workplace Chat so it's all in one place

Employee engagement

91% of customers agree that Workplace helps create more engaging communications and transforms people's ability to start conversations and work together.

  • Use Knowledge Library to create, store and share static content such as HR policies and working-from-home advice on mobile and desktop
  • Use polls to ask everyone what they want their leaders to talk about in the weekly Q&A.

Company culture

Bring your culture to life on Workplace by creating community and celebrating your most valuable asset – the people who make up your company.

  • Groups can connect people who share the same identity. They enable people to raise awareness, promote resources and start conversations
  • Achievement posts are a way to share team wins company-wide. They help increase the visibility of teams' work and spread a culture of recognition across the organisation

Comms leaders trust Workplace

  • "We've seen the inspiration and innovation that come from simply connecting people who don't speak the same language or have never been able to interact."

    Cristina Macina, Global Internal Comms and Engagement Strategy Lead, Nestle

  • "As we underwent significant cultural transformation, Workplace enabled us to connect, empower and unite all 5,000+ employees around our common purpose."

    Roopa Shah, Internal Comms Director, MLSE

  • "Workplace gives each employee a voice to the very centre of the corporation and to other business units as well."

    Rachel Setton, Employee Engagement & Communications Manager, (former) Chevron