Connect your deskless workforce

85% of deskless workers feel disconnected from head office. Workplace uses familiar, mobile-friendly tools to help you get your message across to them and give them a voice.

Why Workplace for deskless workers?


Over 2.5 billion people use Facebook every month. Because Workplace has all the same great features, people already know how to use it. That means fewer costly training sessions and higher levels of adoption.


We know how to make mobile tools that people keep coming back to every single day.


Workplace reduces the time it takes for information to reach frontline employees by 34%, while frontline feedback gets to management 21% faster(1).

Source: Forrester, Total Economic Impact of Workplace Report, 2019

Connecting the unconnected

Wherever they are, whatever they do, Workplace keeps people connected.

Easy access without email

Most work tools need an email address to get started. With Workplace, anybody can get connected quickly and easily whether they have an email address or not.

Access codes

Send people a unique code via text message or post. Download the Workplace app and enter the code to get started.

Access controls

Manage after-hours access to Workplace for casual workers with a customisable pop-up message.

People sets

Automatically sort people into different groups based on role or location and decide what kind of experience will suit them best.

Get information out faster

Don't rely on noticeboards or lengthy email chains for important updates. Reach your entire company at the touch of a button so they can access the information they need whenever, wherever.

Knowledge Library

Create, store and share static content, such as store procedures or hourly worker policies, on desktop or mobile.


Post information such as policy updates or work shifts in groups to make it readily available, with unlimited file uploads, search, comments and tagging.

Live video auto-captions

With auto-captioning on live video, mobile workers with the sound switched off will still be able to follow along.

Simplify your business operations

Workplace makes it easier for frontline workers to ask questions, develop new skills and get the job done.

Workplace Chat

Quickly share photos, videos or questions from the shop floor with a dedicated instant messaging app.


From ServiceNow to ADP, connect the tools that frontline employees are already using and keep their tasks and payroll information in one place.

Shift cover

Request cover for a shift or volunteer to cover a colleague's shift. Managers can approve or decline requests to ensure visibility for all.

Bringing deskless workers together at global companies

"If you're a CEO who's genuinely interested in hearing what your frontline teams have to say, there is no better platform than Workplace"

Debbie Lewis

Managing Director, Clarins UK Group