Use Workplace to create more engaging company-wide conversations, and give every employee a voice.

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Get the conversation going

Nobody gets excited about an all-company email. It’s time to create more authentic conversations where everybody can share what’s on their mind.

Go live from your phone or laptop to connect with your company anytime, anywhere, transform your town halls and hold super engaging Q&As.

Got something to share with a teammate? Talk face-to-face even if you’re working remotely with one-click video calls.

Create a Q&A Post before a meeting so people can have their say, even if they’re in a different location or timezone.

Make information more accessible

The best conversations have the most diverse voices. We’ll use our smart technology to make sure everyone can get involved.

Make sure your messages are heard around the world by automatically translating posts into 91 languages.

Stay switched on even without the sound on thanks to automatic captions on video posts and live broadcasts.

Our AI will create chapters for your live videos so people can skip to the bits they really want to see.

Measure the success of your employee engagement efforts

How do you know if your employee engagement efforts are actually working? Use our simple but effective Insights tool to measure the things you care about, like how many people are active on Workplace and your most popular Groups.

"Workplace helps us keep our employee engagement high, without having human interactions in the office. It's become the platform where our company culture and team spirit continue to thrive."

Sigrid Dalberg-Krajewski

Director of Global Corporate Communications, Delivery Hero

Become an employee engagement expert

We’ve got loads of resources to help you improve the way you engage your employees with Workplace. Check out our dedicated resources page, or jump in with some of our most popular guides and classes.

10 strategies for boosting Workplace adoption


Ten strategies for boosting Workplace adoption

Learn how you can get all employees at your organisation to activate their Workplace profiles.


Boost frontline engagement with recognition

Show frontline employees that their engagement is valued with Workplace's recognition features.

The Culture Carrier Toolkit


The Culture Carrier Toolkit

Learn how to identify, reward and empower your culture carriers to drive cultural change.

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