Get everyoneConnected

Bring your entire organisation together on Workplace, and give everyone equal access to their team, leadership, company information and career opportunities.

Connect the unconnected

Workplace isn't just for knowledge workers. We'll help you connect the parts of your company that were previously impossible to reach with the same great experience on any device.

Get email-less workers connected using a one-time code sent via SMS or instant message.

We'll help you make sure that frontline employees only access Workplace while they're on the clock with customisable warnings about usage.

Launching Workplace is easy thanks to one-click integrations with Azure AD, Okta and Google.

Make the day-to-day more delightful

Our technology will help make everyday tasks a little less tiresome, and maybe even put some fun back into frontline work.

Out-of-the-box integrations with the likes of ADP and ServiceNow will make even the most boring admin tasks a breeze.

Got a cool idea to make life a little easier for frontline employees? Build a bot yourself or work with one of our Partners to make it happen.

Safe and secure for everyone

We keep people safe, wherever they're working. We're ISO 27018 certified, GDPR compliant and trusted by organisations from AstraZeneca to the Government of Singapore.

Measure the strength of your connections

How do you know if your efforts to connect everyone are actually working? Use our simple but effective Insights tool to measure the things you care about, like how active your organisation is on Workplace, what apps people are using, and who your top contributors are.

"Using Workplace from Meta, we are able to give our employees across the globe a platform to build connections."

Filippo Catalano

CIO, Nestle

Make expert connections

We've got loads of resources to help you improve the way your employees connect on Workplace. Take a look at our dedicated resources page, or jump in with some of our most popular guides and classes.

How to build your Knowledge Library


How to build your Knowledge Library

Create a central space for key company resources in Workplace using Knowledge Library.

Executive visiblity and accessiblility


Executive Visiblity and Accessibility

When leadership teams are engaged, they set the tone for engagement across the organisation and help shape company culture.

Employee safety communications


Employee safety communications

Learn how to use Workplace features like Groups, Safety Center and Knowledge Library to keep employees safe and informed.