Boosting engagement through recognition

Show frontline employees that you value their work by recognising and rewarding high performance.

Frontline employees are often the face of the business, providing services and support to customers. They also tend to be the least engaged, but they're not alone. 85% of the global workforce is currently disengaged at work.

Low engagement affects your entire business, from individual employee happiness to overall company culture and productivity. In fact, happy employees are 12% more productive than their unhappy counterparts. And happy frontline employees are more likely to be strong ambassadors for your brand.

To re-engage your employees, it's important to show them that their engagement is valued and rewarded. By building a culture of recognition, you can help raise awareness of best practices, incentivise high performance and drive business results.

How to do it in Workplace

Give recognition at scale with badges
1. Give recognition at scale with badges

Badges offer a scalable way to recognise employees for their roles and achievements, directly on their profile pages. Workplace offers a variety of automatic badges and admin-awarded badges. Admins can also create custom badges to recognise employees for their company-specific achievements and help reinforce your unique company values.

System admins, content moderators, account managers and any admin with a custom role containing the "Manage badges" permission can manage badges from the Admin Panel. Badges can be awarded individually or in bulk using a spreadsheet, and admins can toggle certain badges on or off at any time. Learn how to create and award badges in the Help Centre.

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Encourage peer-to-peer recognition with Thanks
2. Encourage peer-to-peer recognition with Thanks

Giving recognition isn't a one-way street from managers to employees. Employees can also recognise their peers for their hard work and support. When employees are able to provide this kind of positive reinforcement to their colleagues, managers can better identify high performance that they might have missed, company culture improves and employee engagement improves along with it.

Encourage peer recognition with Thanks.

Employees can give thanks by navigating to their colleagues' profile and clicking on the "Send Thanks" button. They can then write a thank you message and select whether they'd like their colleague's manager to be notified. The Thanks message will then appear on the colleague's timeline.

Share team wins as achievement posts

3. Share team wins as achievement posts

Showcase your team's successes by sharing an achievement post in your team group, department group or an all-company discussion group. Sharing your team's achievements helps increase the visibility of their work and helps them gain more recognition across the company.

Share team wins as achievement posts.
Automate recognition with bots

4. Automate recognition with bots

Bot integrations such as Recognise, allow you to acknowledge high-performing employees with simple tools that make recognition quick, frictionless and public.

Visit the Integrations Directory for more information on bot platforms.

Deliver recognition through groups

5. Deliver recognition through groups

If bots sound a bit too "techy", don't worry – there are even simpler ways to build a culture of recognition on Workplace.

  • Create an open group called "Recognition" and automatically add all your employees.
  • Outline the criteria for inviting peer, manager and leader nominations that are aligned to your organisational values and mission.
  • Encourage managers to share stories of the impact that their teams are creating every day, and have peers share their appreciation of others who went above and beyond.
  • Ask for peer nominations such as "Win of the Week" or "Top Teammate of the Month". Share them in the group and highlight the winners through a regular live spotlight.


  • Track team metrics and identify high performers with Goals.
  • Scale recognition with automatically awarded badges.
  • Award badges to people for their role and their achievements.
  • Encourage peers to connect with one another and to help build a culture of care with Thanks.
  • Increase employee engagement and boost productivity by making employees feel valued.
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