Video comms

Five ways to enhance your communication with Workplace video features.

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Visual content can be much more powerful than words on a screen. Our brain processes images faster than text, which is why most people retain information better through video than through reading. All of this makes video content an incredibly efficient and engaging tool for both external and internal communications.

Workplace video features allow you to create visual content that's accessible, engaging and timely. Learn how to use video to engage your organisation in five simple ways.

How to do it in Workplace

Share video files in posts1. Share video files in posts

Adding a video to a post not only makes it stand out in the group, but it also adds it to your group's Files tab, making it easy to find later. Share videos in groups to onboard and train employees, make announcements, recognise high performance and share Workplace tips and tricks.

Make videos accessible with auto-captioning2. Make videos accessible with auto-captioning

Ensure that your video content is accessible to more people across your organisation with automatic captioning. Workplace can detect the language being spoken in pre-recorded videos and add subtitles to them. You'll even be able to download and edit the transcript of the video. Use it to quickly transcribe meeting notes, or, download, edit and upload the SRT file to have captions translated.

Languages supported for pre-recorded video automatic captions include English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Arabic, Vietnamese, Italian, German, Turkish, Russian, Thai, Urdu, Malaysian and Japanese.

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Stream events using Live3. Stream events using Live

Use live video to stream important events such as company all-hands or executive Q&As. Live videos allow you to broadcast events in real time to anyone who couldn't be there in person. Then, the live video automatically posts to your group page, so anyone who misses it can catch up later.

Large organisations on the Enterprise plan can leverage Enterprise Live, a peer-to-peer version of Workplace Live that uses substantially less bandwidth. Enterprise Live allows you to stream your largest events with confidence. Learn more about Enterprise Live here.

Pro tip: Before running a live Q&A, create a poll in your group to crowdsource questions and build up excitement for the event. Live Q&A polls allow you to give everyone in your company a voice, and to turn top-down communication into two-way conversations.

And now you can go leverage Portal's Smart Camera and Smart Sound for your live videos as well. Use Workplace Live on Portal to share important announcement made by executives straight from their desk. Learn how to set up Live on Portal in the Workplace Help Centre.

Want to share this video with your Workplace community? Download it here.

Use Workplace Chat video to hold meetings4. Use Workplace Chat video to hold meetings

Company-wide events are important, but meetings and day-to-day conversations are where we get our work done. Workplace Chat's video tool allows you to get connected to anyone across your organisation, no matter where they are. Every group with less than 250 members comes with its own chat, and every chat conversation has video and voice calling capabilities. Use Workplace Chat video calls to hold meetings with your whole team, or easily jump on impromptu one-to-one video calls with your colleagues, so you can make decisions faster.

You can even connect to Workplace on Portal for a high-quality audio and video experience. Portal is a video communications hardware device with Smart Camera and Smart Sound. It allows you to feel more present while collaborating with your colleagues, regardless of distance. Visit the Portal website to learn more.

Live stream meetings and presentations5. Stream meetings, presentations and announcements using Live

Live video isn't just for large events. Use Live to record and share your team meetings. When your colleagues can't make important meetings, meeting notes might not be enough. When you record your team meeting using Live, the video automatically posts to your group page so they can catch up on everything later.

Live is also a great way to increase the visibility of your work across the larger organisation. Create cross-functional feedback groups and broadcast meetings or presentations to the rest of the business.

Make live videos accessible by adding auto captioning after the live stream end. Add captions to your live videos by clicking on the ... menu, selecting Edit video and clicking CC (closed captioning).



  • Share engaging video content in posts.
  • Videos are easy to find in your group's Files tab.
  • Make your video content more accessible with automatic video captioning.
  • Stream large events while using less bandwidth with Enterprise Live.
  • Get connected to anyone in your organisation, no matter where they are, with Workplace Chat video calling.
  • Record and share your team meetings using Live, so anyone who can't make the meeting can catch up later.
Success story

Success story

Airtel uses Workplace Live to train and engage its frontline workers

Airtel's retail stores work with a frontline team distributed throughout hundreds of shops across 22 states in India. This posed three major challenges for Airtel's leadership:

  1. Ensuring that frontline staff are aligned on the mission of the company.
  2. Equipping junior employees with necessary coaching so that they can prioritise high-impact work.
  3. Making field workers feel connected and motivated.

Airtel's CEO of retail business decided to address these challenges by opening a direct channel to the distributed frontline using Workplace.

  • The team created a large Pan India group of all 10,000 employees, called "Life @ Retail".
  • The CEO uses the group to regularly go live and share the thoughts and ideas of leadership around frontline.
  • To ensure that leadership came across as approachable, the CEO used informal settings for live broadcasts, such as sitting in the office cafeteria and going live using his mobile phone.

These live videos have been highly successful, with thousands of shop employees tuning in regularly to hear from the CEO. And live videos are interactive, allowing employees to respond with comments and reactions both in real time and on the recorded live video automatically posted in the group.