Exec visibility & accessibility

Leaders who are open and engaged can strengthen company culture and improve employee experience.

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Employees want open, visible leaders. When leadership teams are engaged, they set the tone for engagement across your organisation and help shape your company culture. Executive communication that models transparency and reinforces company values can instill a sense of pride and belonging across your employee base, leading to higher productivity, better customer service and lower turnover.

How to do it in Workplace

Promote executive posts in News Feed1. Promote executive posts in News Feed

Make sure that your exec team's posts get extra visibility by promoting their posts in the News Feed.

You can also mark specific posts as important so that they show up at the very top of everyone's News Feed. Employees will be prompted to mark important posts as read, and admins will be able to track stats on Seen by, Marked as Read and Reactions.

Encourage executive engagement2. Encourage executive engagement

Ensure that your leadership team is leading the charge and regularly engaging with and contributing to posts within key project and company groups.

Create a leadership team FYI group3. Create a leadership team FYI group

Create a company-wide leadership team FYI group, where the leadership team can regularly share their more in-depth thoughts on industry trends, company initiatives and the wider business landscape.

Centralise communication with Workplace Chat4. Centralise communication with Workplace Chat

Streamline the channels that executives use to connect with each other. Move leadership team WhatsApp and email distribution groups to Workplace Chat to create a central hub for all team and one-to-one conversations.

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Hold weekly Q&As with your CEO5. Hold weekly Q&As with your CEO

Bring distributed teams closer and encourage better internal collaboration by creating a weekly all-company Q&A hosted by your CEO. Use Workplace polls, events and Live to get a pulse of the company and ensure that leadership is never far from the frontline.

If you're not using live video, create a Q&A post in your security announcements group and invite people to share their questions. All members of the group will be notified about your post and will be able to ask questions directly on the post. Groups members will also be able to upvote and downvote questions and reply to other group members.

Use Live to reach everyone6. Use Live to reach everyone in your organisation

Make your leadership team more visible to the wider organisation by using Live to share information from their desk or broadcast meetings and town halls. Video can be recorded by phone, computer or professional camera thanks to our API. The live videos automatically post to the group, so anyone that misses the live broadcast can catch up later.

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Give everyone a voice with polls7. Give everyone a voice with polls

Enable cross-company dialogue with Q&A polls. Employee questions can be answered Live during a Q&A broadcast or in a follow-up post by members of your leadership team.



  • Close the distance from top to bottom and bring your company closer together.
  • Strengthen employee awareness by keeping employees connected and informed about key updates.
  • Ensure that the executive team get real-time feedback on important announcements or company updates.