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Share a regular cadence of news and insights from across your organisation.

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Unblocking the obstacles to the free-flow of information transforms people's ability to communicate and take action. Share a regular drumbeat of content showcasing what is happening across your business to drive brand understanding and belief among employees, and to celebrate your organisation's unique culture and values.

How to do it in Workplace

Create an official news groups

1. Create an official news groups

Create a company-wide news group for sharing regular snapshots of what is happening across your organisation. Make sure that you mark the group as Official so employees know that the group is the official channel for all company-wide updates. Pin a post to the top of the group page letting everyone know what the group will be used for.

Mark your company news group as Official

Make the group a default group so that you can reach everyone in one place with the latest news from across the business.

Learn how to make a group a default group in the Workplace Help Centre.

Control posting permissions

2. Control posting permissions

To ensure the quality of posts in this official channel, you can limit who can post directly in the group by setting the group to admin-only posts.

If you'd still like members of your organisation to post their own updates, you can turn on Post approval. Turning on Post approval means that all group posts must be approved by a group admin or content moderator before being posted in the group.

Learn more about the setting that group admins can apply in the Workplace Help Centre.

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Schedule posts

3. Schedule posts

Ensure that your employees are kept up to date with a regular look at what's happening around the business by scheduling posts in your news group.

Write a post box with the option to schedule

Crowdsource news

4. Crowdsource news

Crowdsource the best content from across your company groups and resurface in the news group. You want your team to feel as though they're contributing to something bigger than themselves and that they're agents of change, which are powerful motivators.

Comms champions

5. Comms champions

Mobilise a network of champions around your business to encourage employees to share regular updates about what has been happening across the organisation.

PRO TIP: Empower your champions network with Workplace best practice and inspirational material so that they become natural advocates for Workplace across your organisation.

Create an industry news group

6. Create an industry news group

Your employees are your eyes and ears in business – create a company-wide group where employees can share news, market trends, opinion pieces and other industry-related blurbs with one another.

Business news and updates

Streamline channels

7. Streamline channels

Share a monthly newsletter in Workplace by creating a doc in your news group and reduce the number of channels and formats that your employees are being directed to.

Business news and updates

Gather content for external comms

8. Gather content for external comms

Gather regional stories that can be shared externally either on owned externally-facing social and digital channels or through press outreach.



  • Strengthen employee awareness by keeping employees connected and informed about company activities.
  • Create more authentic, engaging and visual communications to bring your everyday activities to life.
  • Streamline your channels to help employees surface the latest news and highlights from across your organisation.

Success stories

Success stories

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