Amplifying company culture

Promote your company values and celebrate community at work.

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Your culture should be more than just a few words on the wall – it should promote a genuine feeling of community and celebrate the individuals who make up your company culture. It's important to not only include core values in your internal communication strategy, but to highlight the ways in which your organisation can best execute them. Practise what you preach, lead by example and integrate your culture into Workplace.

How to do it in Workplace

Share cultural moments

1. Share cultural moments in a company-wide news group

Share and celebrate curated cultural moments from across the organisation in your all-company news group.

Celebrate curated cultural moments

Create employee resource groups

2. Create employee resource groups

Employee resource groups are a great way to connect people that share the same identity and to build a systems of support across your organisation. They can also help to raise awareness around important cultural issues and build inclusivity into your organisation's policies and processes. You can learn more about diversity and inclusion with Workplace in this guide.

Create diversity and inclusion resource groups

Welcome new hires in onboarding groups

3. Welcome new hires in onboarding groups

Create an employee onboarding group to welcome new employees and share important information to help them get up to speed quickly. Upload onboarding materials and videos such as organisation and team info, company mission and values, and HR policies.

Create an onboarding group to welcome new employees

Recognise employees with badges and thanks4. Recognise employees with badges and thanks

Workplace offers a variety of automatic badges and admin-awarded badges that you can use to recognise employees for their roles and achievements. Admins can also create custom badges to recognise employees for their company-specific achievements and help reinforce your unique company values.

System admins, content moderators, account managers and any admin with a custom role containing the "Manage badges" permission can manage badges from the Admin Panel. Learn how to create and award badges in the Help Centre.

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Encourage employees to recognise their peers for their hard work and support with Workplace's Thanks feature. When employees are able to provide this kind of positive reinforcement to their colleagues, managers can better identify high performance that they may have missed, the company culture improves and employee engagement improves along with it.

Encourage peer-to-peer recognition with thanks

Live broadcast company events

5. Live broadcast company events

Bring company events to life using Live. Live allows you to receive real-time company-wide feedback via likes, comments and reactions. The live video will be automatically posted in your group so nobody misses anything important.

Pro tip: if your business is spread across multiple locations, book a meeting room or space within each office where employees can gather to watch the broadcast together, making it a community event.

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Create a central innovation group6. Create a central innovation group

Unlock employee-led innovation by creating a central innovation open group where employees are encouraged to share ideas and brainstorm new initiatives.



  • Strengthen your employer brand by promoting a genuine feeling of community and connectedness from day one.
  • Drive, enable and celebrate your organisations' diversity & inclusion programmes and initiatives.
  • Create more authentic, engaging and visual communications to celebrate business values and culture.

Success stories

Success stories

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