Two-way employee dialogue

Build an internal communication strategy that fosters dialogue and drives employee engagement.

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Encouraging active dialogue across your organisation doesn't just get people talking. It builds connections, supports better collaboration and helps create feelings of unity and belonging that enhance employee satisfaction.

How to do it in Workplace

Encourage follows

1. Encourage follows

Make sure that employees keep up with discussions by following the executive team and the people they collaborate with most. Following colleagues helps surface their activity in the News Feed.

Share pulse survey results

2. Share pulse and employee engagement survey results

Create an open group for sharing all information on pulse and employee engagement surveys. Use the group to educate employees on the survey categories and questions and to address next steps to resolve employee pain points.

Give everyone a voice with Q&A posts and polls

3. Give everyone a voice with Q&A posts and polls

Enable cross-company dialogue with Q&A polls. Employee questions can be answered live during a Q&A broadcast or in a follow-up post by members of your leadership team.

For a more lightweight Q&A, try creating a Q&A post in a company-wide group. All members of the group will get a notification and will be able to ask questions directly on the post. Group members will also be able to upvote and downvote questions and reply to other group members.

Encourage employee feedback

4. Encourage employee feedback

Gain valuable feedback from across your organisation. Create a designated group where employees feel empowered and encouraged to share brilliant ideas and helpful criticisms.

Weekly live Q&As with CEO

5. Weekly Q&As with CEO

Bring distributed teams closer and encourage better internal collaboration by creating a weekly all-company Q&A hosted by your CEO. By using Workplace polls, events and Live, you can get a pulse of the company and ensure that leadership is never far from the frontline.

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Send regular micro-pulse surveys

6. Send regular micro-pulse surveys

Every Friday, ask your employees three questions using the Workplace Surveys feature. System administrators, content moderators and custom admin roles with the "Manage surveys" permission can create a survey by going to Surveys from the Workplace Admin Panel. To improve participation rates, customise an invite message, letting employees know that their feedback is valued and to affirm that survey results will be confidential.

Learn more about Workplace surveys by reading our guide or watching the video below.

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  • Improve employee engagement and satisfaction by empowering employees to ask questions, collaborate and share ideas.
  • Improve business results by connecting your diverse workforce.
  • Improve/maintain employee retention by empowering and encouraging company-wide two-way dialogue.
Success stories

Success stories

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