Employee experience surveys

With Workplace Surveys, you can show employees you're listening and gain insights that improve employee experience and culture.

Pulse surveys allow you to measure employee sentiment across your organisation and help you gain actionable insights around what areas of employee experience require additional support and investment. When you make strategic investments in employee experience, employee engagement improves and company culture improves along with it.
But it's not just about culture. Happy employees are actually 12% more productive. A highly engaged workforce can drive innovation, boost productivity, improve business performance and reduce hiring costs.
Surveys are a powerful way to learn about the thoughts and concerns of anyone across your organisation. But most survey tools are complicated to set up and take employees away from their daily work to another app. With Surveys on Workplace, you can deliver short ten question surveys directly via Workplace Chat to anyone in your organisation.
Pulse surveys in Workplace help:
  • Organisation leaders measure sentiment across their teams.
  • Department leaders measure the effectiveness of programmes, goal setting, teamwork and leadership.
  • Frontline managers gain insights on how they can engage employees and help them be successful.
1. Survey setup and administration
1. Survey setup and administration
  • System admins, content moderators and customised admin roles with the 'Manage surveys' permission can create a survey by going to Surveys from the Workplace Admin Panel.
  • Improve participation rates by customising an invitation message to let employees know that their feedback is valued. It's also best practice to confirm that survey results will be confidential.
  • Surveys can be up to ten questions. It's best practice to keep pulse surveys short to increase participation rates.
  • Surveys can be distributed to any people set or to a customised list of recipients via .csv upload.
2. Prepare pulse dimensions and survey questions
2. Prepare pulse dimensions and survey questions
  • To measure employee sentiment and engagement, you can survey across these five dimensions:
    • Employee satisfaction
    • Intent to stay at the organisation
    • Sense of belonging
    • Feeling valued at work
    • Fulfilment at work
  • Write out five short questions, each of which is focused on one of these dimensions. We recommend positioning each question as a statement, with answers using an agreement scale ranging from "Strongly disagree" to "Strongly agree". Some examples of employee satisfaction survey questions include:
    • I am satisfied working at [company]
    • I see myself at [company] a year from now
    • My work is fulfilling
    • I am gaining the skills and experience needed to grow my career
    • I feel valued at [company]
3. Set survey duration
3. Set survey duration
  • Select a time period that you'd like the survey to run for. This will set a window of time for participants to respond to the survey.
  • To set up a recurring survey, click on Recurring to random samples in the Duration section of the survey-creation flow. Choose the period of time during which you'd like the recurring surveys to run, then define the frequency and response window. Based on your inputs, a summary will be presented with the average sample size, frequency, number of runs and total count of recipients. (Note: In order to send a survey, you need to have an average sample size of four people or more; if the Done button is disabled, try adjusting your inputs.)
4. Assess your results
4. Assess your results
  • Survey results are anonymous, and results will only appear if four or more people completed the survey.
  • Survey admins will be able to access the survey results from the Admin Panel as well as download the raw data. Examine these results to define which categories scored favourably and unfavourably amongst your staff.
  • Make a plan of action to address areas for improvement. And don't forget to celebrate the positives!
  • For a truly transparent culture, share the results of the survey and your action plan. This will ensure that employees know their responses are not being ignored.
  • Create quick and accessible surveys that employees can respond to from Workplace Chat.
  • Access visualised results from the Admin Panel for quick insights to share with your team.
  • Learn about employee satisfaction and prevent turnover.
  • Give employees a voice in your organisation.
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