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Engage your remote employees and keep your company connected.

Empowering remote and dispersed teams doesn't just mean giving them the tools to stay productive. It's important to create channels they can use to communicate socially, share their experiences and hear from leadership, so they continue to feel connected to the company and to each other. Here are some tips you can use to engage remote employees and build a connected culture with Workplace.

Work-from-home essentials

Work-from-home essentials

If many of your employees work from home, share a post in your "[Company name] social" group, inviting people to share photos of their work-from-home setup in the comments. You can also use the group to share pictures of their pets and their top tips for working from home with children.

Working remotely and social distancing most likely means your employees will be cooking for themselves more than ever before. In Workplace, create an open group called "Work-from-home meals" and pin a post to the top of the group, encouraging employees to share an image of their lunch with the rest of the team. Make sure that you like and interact with posts, and encourage others to do so as well. You can even share daily recipes and encourage people to share photos of the final outcome. People will love posting images of their creations, and some posts are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's faces.

Home cooking tips video

Other ideas include sharing a photo of your favourite mug, WFH footwear (i.e. slippers), favourite work-from-home snack, even your at-home exercise routine.

Run regular Q&As with leaders

Run regular live Q&As with leaders

Have executives use live video to engage with employees in Workplace regularly – all they need is their phone or computer. Promote the live Q&A in your all-company announcements group and invite employees to share their questions in a Workplace poll, or in comments during the live video stream. If possible, have a different member of the leadership team go live each week to discuss topics ranging from company mission and strategy to supporting remote and dispersed teams.

Live video on iPhone
Share work-from-home tips

Share work-from-home tips

In your "[Company name] social" group, share a series of tips for employees who are working from home to encourage good working practices and to prevent burnout. Here are a few you can use:

  • Set a schedule: Set regular work hours and do your best to stick to them. Having a regular schedule will help you maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • Get a morning routine: Whether it's eating breakfast, going out for a run or taking shower, a morning routine will help you start the day in the right way.
  • Get dressed: Being able to work in your pyjamas is definitely a perk of working from home, but generally, you should try and get dressed every morning. It will help you feel like you've got your day started.
  • Take regular breaks: Breaks can actually improve your productivity, creativity and especially your mood. Make sure that you take breaks to drink water, go on walks (if you can) and eat healthy snacks.
  • Turn on Do Not Disturb during meetings: Use Workplace's Do Not Disturb feature when you're in meetings to silence notification sounds.
  • Trust your colleagues: Communication without body language is hard. Always assume the best intentions.

Always encourage participation by inviting employees to share their own thoughts and ideas as comments on your posts.

Work-from-home parents group

Work-from-home parents group

Transitioning to working from home can be a big adjustment. However, working from home with children presents a whole other set of challenges. Create an open group called "[Company name] parents" as a space for parents to commiserate, share funny stories and swap tips on how best to work from home with children. Make sure that you promote the new group in your "[Company name] social" group so that people know it's been created and what it can be used for.

Parents groupRemote coffee chats

Remote coffee chats

Encourage teams to replace water cooler conversations with regular coffee chats using Workplace video calls. They're a great way for teams to discuss their lives outside work and to continue having much needed social interactions with their peers.

Use Workchat for video meetings.

You can also create an open Workplace group called "WFH coffee chats". Promote the group in your "[Company name] social" group so that employees know it's a resource that's available to them. Then, schedule a time each week (or even daily) when group members can join a video call to chat and stay connected.

We hope you've found these engagement ideas helpful. View our Fun Friday challenges for quick and lightweight downloadable games and challenges that your employees will love.

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