Join the Workplace One Partner programme

Our partner mission is to bring the power of community to everyone at work. Our diverse partner network focuses on the success of our customers, bringing companies together through our communication platform. Join the Workplace One Partner programme and make our mission yours.

A programme for every partner

Interested in becoming a Workplace partner? We've got a model for every business and a business for every model:

Sell with us

Our channel partner network gives world-class support and product expertise, helping your customers quickly implement and deploy Workplace.

Build with us

Our technology partners connect customers to their favourite cloud services and apps, creating a seamless end-user experience and a better way to work.

Service with us

Global system integrators and service providers are experts in building innovative business solutions that drive cross-company collaboration and adoption.

One Partner programme benefits

Endless market opportunity

Workplace's unique platform allows both large and small businesses, from frontline focused to knowledge worker, to meet the needs of their employees in every industry. Plus, our wide range of technology integrations help teams efficiently collaborate using the tools they know and love.

Scalable business growth

When adding to your portfolio, profitability is key. Depending on your programme, you'll receive reduced rates, deal incentives and special offers to help you quickly scale.

Training and enablement

Get access to our in-depth partner training and certification programme. Connect with Workplace product specialists and get early access to our product roadmap.

Our partner ecosystem is thriving

  • Deloitte logo

    "Workplace is a top ten partner for Microsoft Identity. Our continued priority is partnering to ensure that individuals and corporations remain safe and productive when using their critical business applications.

    Joy Chik - Executive Vice President, Microsoft Identity

  • Workplace logo

    "We are building a different model where we focus on the success and opportunity for our partners, first. As Workplace continues to grow, there's an increased need to have partners who can help build, integrate, deploy and support the Workplace platform."

    Workplace Executive - Ernesto Tey