Building employee experiences with Deloitte that drive productivity

Together, Deloitte and Workplace from Meta are putting employee experience at the heart of designing how work gets done.

Why Workplace customers are choosing Deloitte

Develop the business case

All digital transformation projects need a great business case. Deloitte will help your leadership team understand the ROI of Workplace based on your unique value drivers.

Employee experience design

When people feel better at work, they do better at work. Deloitte's employee experience experts will help you connect the dots between people and performance.

Risk and security management

Deloitte has a deep understanding of the technical, human and legal risks that come with any large project.

Business is better when people are connected

Deloitte and Workplace are excited to deliver the next wave of productivity and engagement uplifts.

  • Deloitte's 2021 Global Human Capital Trends - social enterprise in a world disrupted: leading the shift from thrive to survive

  • 2021 Deloitte Annual Report - Discover how Deloitte supported the British Olympic Association’s prep for Tokyo 2020 #impactthatmatters

  • 2021 Deloitte Annual Report - Discover how we’re letting our people decide for themselves when, where, and how they work

  • 2021 Global Impact Report: A look into how Deloitte maintained connections and developed measures to advance people, the planet and society

  • Brochure: See how Deloitte can enable significant business and human benefit from using the Workplace platform

Connecting Tokyo 2020

Life as an athlete is a relentless challenge. See how Deloitte, in partnership with Workplace, helped Team Great Britain harness the support of their community to prepare for the Tokyo games.

Will Gosling
UK Human Capital Consulting Leader, Deloitte

"Together with Workplace, we are building great experiences for employees and enabling the future of work"

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