Workplace adds new features for more connected events

A new virtual event solution will help organisations and employees create more meaningful moments in 2022.


With the recent rise in hybrid working, it's never been more important for businesses to give their employees a stronger sense of belonging at work. That's why Workplace is excited to announce a number of brand new features that will help companies get more connected through events and broadcasts – no matter where their people are working from.

Creating more inclusive events

Creating more inclusive events

Our new events solution is available to bring your entire organisation together for key moments and updates. This means frontline workers don't need a corporate email or calendar to discover and join events on Workplace, whilst hybrid employees can choose to join events in person or virtually, and have the option to view live broadcasts or watch recordings later.

As part of the improved events experience, you'll be able to choose whether to broadcast your virtual event directly to Workplace or set up an external link. If you decide to broadcast to Workplace, you'll also benefit from a streamlined set up, with Live Producer embedded in the event-creation flow. Similarly, the live scheduling experience will create a virtual event, making it easier for organisers and attendees to know how to access content on the day.

Better experiences from richer insights

Better experiences from richer insights

Whether you're planning your broadcast in advance via a virtual event, or going live in the moment, you'll also benefit from the simplified Live Producer user interface which lets you create high-quality live events directly from your computer. When the event is finished, your organisation will be able to get richer insights into how people engaged with the videos, including drop-off graphs showing how many times different parts of a video were watched during a broadcast or on demand.

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Broadcasters can also get audience feedback with live reactions, and there will be an option to send invitations out by groups.

The new virtual event updates come off the back of the 2021 launch of the Events Calendar integration and the Live Q&A feature. This is the next step in our journey to help organisations ensure that their company-wide meetings are inclusive, meaningful and lead to better employee engagement.

Virtual events Creating more meaningful moments

The new virtual event solution can help organisations get more connected by offering:

  1. A choice of broadcasting virtual events directly on Workplace or via external link
  2. Streamlined broadcast set up with Live Producer embedded in the event-creation flow
  3. Simplified set up experience for Live, with a new UI for Live Producer
  4. Deeper insights into video engagement, with drop-off graphs showing video views
  5. The ability to run larger-scale events through group invitations up to 100,000 people
  6. A centralised view of scheduled broadcasts per group within Live Producer
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