The power of partnership: Why Workplace and SharePoint are better together

Workplace partners and customised integrations help you get more from your digital tools. By using enterprise software such as SharePoint the way that it was designed, your teams can work better, faster and smarter.

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Looking to maximise the value that you get from your existing business tools and find elegant digital solutions for your organisation? Together is better says Workplace partner, Azuronaut

Workplace by Facebook is building a unique ecosystem of Workplace partners to support customers through their Workplace journey. Whether that's helping you build a use case to get buy-in from the board, or working with your IT team to create custom solutions using our API, our partners make it easy for you to get the most out of Workplace.

Partners such as Azuronaut, who craft solutions for their clients by combining Workplace with the best of Microsoft technologies. In a recent post, Workplace by Facebook and SharePoint – Better together, CEO Regan Collins puts forward an elegant solution to the question: Where can I give my employees one place to perform all tasks and one place to access all systems and tools?

Use tools for the purpose that they were built for

Use tools for the purpose that they were built for

Azuronaut's answer is simple. To use tools the way they were intended by integrating them the right way. In their example: Use Office 365 for productivity applications. Use SharePoint for document storage and management. And use Workplace for engagement.

This ability for Workplace to integrate with other software enables powerful new ways of working. Taking the best elements of each tool and combining them in ways that are more than the sum of the parts. Workplace isn't just another tool. It's a platform that allows you to get the most out of the other tools.

"So if a user is publishing top-down content, such as the annual CFO announcement or the arrival of a new CEO, they can get the appropriate approvals using built-in workflows and sign-off in SharePoint. They can then publish to the entire organisation using Workplace."

Integrations put Workplace at the centre of your organisation

Integrations put Workplace at the centre of your organisation

And it goes beyond integration with Microsoft software. Workplace integrates with the other tools that you use every day. Secure collaboration on documents and shared folders with Box. Linked folders and auto-permission with Quip. And file previews to speed up collaboration with Google Drive and Dropbox. These are seamless integrations that help organisations work smarter. As Azuronaut put it with their Microsoft example: "Workplace becomes the entry point where employees login each morning and engage directly with colleagues. Microsoft's tools and applications then operate behind the scenes allowing teams to collaborate on documents, store files and use purpose-built applications and workflows."

One step beyond. How bots lead integrations into the future

One step beyond. How bots lead integrations into the future

Azuronaut also describes how bots are helping organisations take their Workplace experience to the next level. Our partners can help customers design and build bots that integrate with a large number of existing SaaS platforms, and provide custom builds for pretty much any other software. Integrations that help simplify processes, increase efficiencies and improve the user experience.

"Forward-thinking companies are now starting to move complicated, but business-critical systems to the background. These systems then operate as the brains behind a more engaging front end of consumer-like applications and artificially intelligent chatbots."

Bots by Azuronaut

Bots by Azuronaut

Example 1: SharePoint bot

People can use the Azuronaut SharePoint bot to search Workplace for SharePoint documents. It allows users to easily access content stored across multiple SharePoint sites then use Workplace to open and edit documents. People can easily search for the document or file that they are looking for, see a preview and open the right version to collaborate on.

Example 2: Outlook bot

Azuronaut has clients who now use Outlook bot to book all their internal meetings via Workplace. It's a simple process to "@" mention your colleagues via Workplace Chat or groups. The intelligent bot finds availability across multiple calendars and geographies and creates the calendar event before automatically sending invitations. It will also send reminders via Workplace Chat before the start of an event, while busy attendees can notify others of their status – such as "running five minutes late" or "I'm on my way".

Workplace integrations can help improve your digital experience and help teams work better, smarter and faster together. We can't wait to see what comes next with Workplace, our integrations and our partners.

With thanks to our partner Azuronaut for the original post which you can read in full here. You can find out more about Azuronaut here. And if you'd like to become a Workplace partner, then just head here.

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