How Campbell uses Workplace to transform company culture

by Mike Sharkey

Campbell is using Workplace to join people and teams together and find new ways to collaborate. The impressive results include a 2.5-times boost in employee connectivity. Here's how Workplace is working at Campbell

The Campbell Soup Company is an iconic US food producer and a household name. Customers all over the world have had a long-standing love affair with the Campbell brand, and over 95% of North American homes have a Campbell's product on the shelf or in a cupboard.

Why Workplace?

Only 18% of respondents to a recent Campbell staff survey agreed that company communications were "timely" – a number that wasn't considered good enough given the ambition of the organisation. Campbell was also exploring ways to "reimagine" its culture while building on nearly a century and a half of history. With over 70% of its staff using Facebook in their personal lives, Workplace was a good fit.

Campbell kicked off their Workplace journey by deploying to 5,700 members of the team. Watch the video to see how it went.

Watch how Campbell uses Workplace to help transform its culture

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What's in the video?

  • Why Workplace is now the first port of call for the Campbell team
  • Why using Workplace has reduced the gap between the company, its customers, its people and retailers
  • How Campbell employees use Workplace to share recipes, images and video in new and expressive ways
  • How sales staff use Workplace to stay close to leadership and be part of the conversation when out in the field

Why Workplace works at Campbell

Using Workplace has helped Campbell transform the way it works in just a few months. Highlights include:

Better collaboration

Campbell staff are using Workplace tools such as Workplace Chat and project Groups to collaborate in ways that simply weren't possible before.

"They're also using multi-company groups to interact with suppliers and customers."

People across the organisation are sharing stories about the individual parts they play in the Campbell narrative, which is helping Campbell to fix one-way and top-down communication.

Employees are using Groups to share documents and work on projects. They're also using multi-company groups to interact with suppliers and customers.

Reducing distance in the organisation

Campbell sales teams now use Workplace and Workplace Chat mobile apps to stay connected when on the road. This helps them remain an active part of the conversation, and gives them the ability to access and edit documents in real time on the go. It also allows them to share the valuable insights they gain while visiting customers.

Reimagining and building a company culture

Campbell now uses Workplace tools such as live video when hosting and attending events. It's a way of broadcasting important company activity in real time and allows people who miss the event to catch up at a time that suits them. So nobody misses out and a shared culture can grow.

The stats don't lie. Since the launch, the number of people reading internal communications messages has doubled. There's been a 201% uptick in reactions and feedback in response to these messages. And an enormous 243% increase in overall connectivity across the organisation.

It's a far cry from the pre-Workplace days of email and closed communication methods. As Kristin Ennis, Senior Manager, Communications at Campbell says:

"Campbell is more connected than we've ever been. We've seen a complete transformation in just nine months. I think it's because Workplace has tools that people can use whenever and wherever they are."

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