How AirAsia is using Workplace to go places

by Mike Sharkey

Better communications, smarter workflows and getting more done. AirAsia is using Workplace to revolutionise the way that people work together.

AirAsia has put together some impressive numbers. 22,000 employees (the 'AirAsia Allstars') from 60 different nationalities. Operations in six countries. And a fleet that comprises nine different airline affiliates operating 1,300 flights every day.

"Workplace is changing the way we work and helping us connect people better"

So, as an organisation moving fast and growing even faster, the AirAsia team was looking for a platform that would help join people together and make their workflow more effective than ever before.

They chose Workplace. Take a look at our latest video to find out why.

Using Workplace is enabling a better global conversation

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"Workplace has been a revolution at AirAsia. It's changed the way our pilots operate."

What's in the video?

  • How Workplace is now a critical tool used to joins employees together from apron to terminal, and at airports across Asia Pacific, including Australia and the United States
  • Why Workplace is helping ensure that every member of the team receives the most important internal communications messages every time
  • Examples of how translations are enabling people from 60 different countries to exchange ideas and work more closely than ever before
  • How using live video is connecting pilots, helping create a stronger and more focused community, and improving performance
  • Why using Workplace is beginning to challenge internal email use

Fancy taking a test flight? Try Workplace Premium in your organisation free for 90 days.

Or find out how using Workplace transforms the way people work in one of our new live webinars.

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