Reinventing video on Workplace

Whether you're connecting with colleagues through Workplace Rooms or delivering more authentic company communication with live broadcasts, Workplace has the video tools to bring your teams together.

Making video more connected, interactive and secure

With the shift to remote work, video has become a vital way for companies to strengthen their community and get work done. That's why we're doubling down on video collaboration with the launch of Workplace Rooms, letting you connect with up to 50 people even if they don't have a Workplace account. While live video on Workplace will get even better with new features to enhance broadcast quality, accessibility and interactivity.

Introducing Workplace Rooms

Workplace Rooms is a virtual meeting space that makes it easier than ever to connect with your colleagues or even people outside your company.

Workplace Rooms in Chat

Create a link to your room in Workplace Chat and share it with anyone, even if they don't have a Workplace account or the app installed.

Workplace Rooms in Groups

Create, schedule and discover Workplace Rooms in a Group. Group members will be able to use the new Rooms tab to see a list of all of the open rooms that they can join.

Workplace Rooms in News Feed

Discover Workplace Rooms that you can join directly from News Feed.

Workplace Rooms on Portal

You'll also be able to open a Workplace Rooms link that you receive on your computer and select the option to join the room on Portal.

Enhancing video collaboration

Remote collaboration can be tricky. To make it easier, we're introducing screen-share for video calls in Workplace Rooms. Show everyone in the room your entire screen or window so that they can understand exactly what you're referring to.

Keeping you in control

You wouldn't let an uninvited visitor into your office. Why should it be any different with your room? That's why we provide simple tools to lock Workplace Rooms to new joiners or remove participants if they're not supposed to be there. So you can keep meetings focused and productive.

Introducing Live Producer

Broadcasting live from your phone is a great way to touch base with your team. But when performance really matters, there's Live Producer. Stream reliable, high-quality live video straight from your computer and access new features such as screen-sharing, Q&As, polls and real-time health metrics.

Making company communications more inclusive

Our upgraded caption technology will remove both language and accessibility barriers for company communications while saving you time and money in the process.

Live video captions

Turn on automatic captions for your live video broadcasts so that people can follow along even if they're watching with sound off or have a hearing impairment.

Caption translations

Save time by automatically translating English video captions into French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese (or vice-versa).

Caption editing

Discover Workplace Rooms that you can join directly from News Feed.

Live on Portal

You can already download the Workplace Live app for Portal to take advantage of features such as Smart Sound and Smart Camera for a high-quality experience. In June, we'll be adding the ability to watch Live video on Portal as well.