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A leadership conference like no other

Flow is a global leadership summit from Workplace by Facebook that brings together visionary founders, SaaS experts and leading executives to share insights and strategies that empower people to do their best work.

What is Flow?

Organisations achieve flow when they empower people to do their best work. It means breaking down barriers and rethinking how decisions get made. That's why Flow by Workplace brings together leaders from IT, HR and Comms to discuss integrated strategies for business transformation.

What we learned at Flow 2018

Thank you to everyone who came, participated, shared, networked, listened (and partied) at Flow 2018. Our panellists and keynote speakers made it a truly inspiring day, full of unique stories, insights and experiences. Here's a taste of what we learned.

"We come to work every day because we want to connect people. And when we connect people, we can have a profound impact on their working lives. We can turn the companies they work at into meaningful communities."

Julien Codorniou, VP, Workplace

Demystifying culture building

New York Times best-selling author Daniel Coyle revealed the cultural secrets of the world's best teams: building safety, sharing vulnerability and establishing purpose. With people and purpose aligned, productivity flourishes.

"The safer you feel, the more open you are, the more committed you are.”

Daniel Coyle, Author

Building connected organisations

Facebook COO, Sheryl Sandberg, United Way CTO John Taylor, and Delta Air Lines EVP & CHRO Joanne Smith, emphasised the importance of Workplace to building connections and enabling collaboration for their employees. Being connected helps them engage with the wider community and affect change where it matters most.

"To see our organisation come together around complex issues because they have a technology that empowers that easily, that's transformational.”

John Taylor, CTO, United Way

The people behind the change

Maxine Williams, Chief Diversity Officer at Facebook, Pradheepa Raman, Chief Talent and Innovation Officer at Stanley Black & Decker, Ronald Schellekens, Group HR Director at Vodafone and Joelle Emerson, CEO at Paradigm, talked strategy. Specifically, how to make cultural change stick inside organisations.

"If you don't interview underrepresented people, you won't hire them. Diversity is everyone's responsibility.”

Maxine Williams, Chief Diversity Officer, Facebook

From stack to suite

Box CEO Aaron Levie, Atlassian CPO Helen Russell, Sun Life Financial CTO Rahul Sekhon, and Netskope founder Sanjay Beri debated how to align employee engagement, open leadership and technology, with an emphasis on the power of transparency.

"When leaders share their vulnerability, it invites employees to be open and it builds trust.”

Rahul Sekhon, CTO, Sun Life Financial

How to build a SaaS unicorn

CEOs, VCs and SaaS experts, including Jason Lemkin, shared hard-won insights on turning a startup into a billion-dollar business.

Building meaningful communities at work

Execs from Delta Air Lines, PwC, GlaxoSmithKline and Intercom shared practical lessons and observations from their Workplace deployments.

Work with a purpose

Brian Wenke vividly brought the idea of community to life through his experiences at LGBTQ+ non-profit It Gets Better.

Launched at Flow 2018

Safety Check for Workplace will make work communities better prepared in a crisis by allowing employers to locate their people and provide assistance quickly.

Make sure that high-signal posts reach the right audience – on and off Workplace. Then measure the impact with new reporting tools.

New to Workplace Chat: Instant messaging with people in different companies; pinned threads to help people keep on top of fast-moving conversations; the ability to reply to specific messages in a quick, lightweight manner; and Do Not Disturb mode to switch off notifications across mobile and desktop.

Join us at Flow 2019

8 October, Hotel Nia, Menlo Park

We're already at work to make Flow 2019 bigger and better than ever. Register your interest now so you don't miss out on the hottest ticket in town.