A communication platform that connects everyone

Workplace gets information flowing to every corner of your company using familiar technology like Live video and Groups. So if you’re looking for a simple and secure way to stay connected to frontline employees, remote workers and everyone else, you’ve just found it.

A communication solution for any situation

Whether you’re looking to level-up company communication, grow employee engagement or create a great culture, Workplace works for you.

Live Video

Broadcast live from your phone or laptop to share company news in an authentic way. Add Q&As, captions and video chapters to engage with everyone.

Knowledge Library

Our user-friendly intranet makes it easy for people to create, discover and share important content, especially on mobile.


Automatically add people to company-wide, regional or team groups so everyone can find relevant updates, videos and big announcements.

Comments and Reactions

Get involved in the conversation by leaving comments or sharing ideas on Workplace posts, and give someone instant feedback with a thumbs-up or emoji.


Send short, automated surveys via instant message so you can see how people are feeling, even if they’re on mobile or working remotely.


Learn the impact of your communication by measuring views, sentiment and employee engagement using straightforward analytics.

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Share information, engage employees and connect people everywhere

Get information to the right people at the right time and hold meaningful conversations with your entire company.

  • Make your company information accessible and discoverable to the right people on desktop and mobile with Knowledge Library
  • Communicate with a team, region or entire company using Groups
  • Give everyone a scrolling stream of posts using AI to prioritize the information people care about in their News Feed
  • Broadcast to everyone with Live video to share company news in an authentic way, add Q&As, captions and video chapters to improve engagement

Integrate Workplace with tools you already use

Whether it’s admin tools to help you get people connected, popular tools you already use and love, or a specialist function for any of your teams, Workplace integrations have you covered.

  • Workplace integrates with leading business tools like Office 365, Google Workspace and ServiceNow
  • Build your own custom integrations to connect all the tools you rely on
  • Use custom integrations to build bots in Workplace groups or Chat to ease the pressure on IT help desks or onboard new staff more efficiently

Connect everyone. Engage everyone. Get started with Workplace today.

Your Workplace, your data

With Workplace, you control your data while we keep it safe from unauthorized access or misuse.

Data ownership

As the data controller, you make the decisions about what can be done with your data, including whether to modify, delete or export it. The data your employees put into Workplace belongs to your organization, and can’t be accessed publicly.

Data use

We process your data to ensure you have the best possible experience with Workplace. We don’t use it to show ads, and we take strong measures to prevent any misuse of data by internal or external parties.

Data separation

Workplace and Facebook are separate platforms with different accounts and profiles. Posts made on one aren’t visible on the other. Workplace benefits from Facebook's company-wide investments in security, infrastructure and technical innovation.