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With 94 shops in 60 cities in Ukraine, COMFY takes a leading position in the retail market of home appliances and electronics. Founded in 2005, COMFY now employs over 4,000 people. Workplace's mobile platform has connected staff working in all areas of this diverse retail business, from all shops to the principal business office, and from the distribution warehouse to the call centre.

How Workplace helped

Company's corporate character provides support for internal communications and boosts morale

There is a corporate character called Push in COMFY. Push is a part of brand identity of the company. He is the substance of happiness, which, depending on mood, takes various forms. Push has also signed up on Workplace. Using his profile, he delivers important company news to all employees through posts and Workplace Chat. During high sales seasons, Push also uses Workplace to encourage colleagues and raises awareness about treats such as fresh fruit, vitamins, chocolate and massage therapies.

Creating fun videos to promote products in shops

One of the most popular initiatives on Workplace for COMFY staff is called the "Adele Challenge". Retail staff from all different shops create and share short videos on Workplace promoting new products to the tune of Adele's song playing in the background. These funny, creative videos help staff to promote new items, sales and build stronger relationships between shops.

Promoting best practice and new ideas

COMFY staff use thematic groups on Workplace every day. One of the most important groups is called "Ideas, Questions and Suggestions" and is a place for tips and new thoughts, such as how to speed up the process of provisioning services to the customer. "COMFY Life" is a group that all company employees are automatically subscribed to. People use it to share news, events, projects and more about themselves.

"Workplace is our integrated informative and emotionally charged space. Here we catch up with news, make suggestions, come up with ideas, share experiences, solve work issues, communicate, hold contests and flash mobs, joke and support each other".

Olga Chepizhko

Olga Chepizhko

Head of PR, COMFY

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