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Workplace Safety Centre

Help your work community stay safe and informed with emergency messages that are easy to set up, customise and manage.

Workplace Safety Centre ensures your community's well-being

Safety Centre lets you check in on the safety and security of your employees during a crisis event.

Share important safety messages

Safety Centre lets Workplace admins contact employees with important safety updates, track views, request a response, find out if help is needed and take action in real time.

Send safety check notifications

Contact employees on Chat Bot, News Feed or email. Use pre-filled message templates to move fast in a crisis, or duplicate and send the same message for next time.

Get real-time status updates

Keep track of critical updates during unexpected events on a real-time dashboard. View employee status, wellbeing and contact options, so you can make sure that everyone's safe.

Workplace Safety Centre keeps your community secure at all times

From emergencies to important security updates, Safety Centre lets you locate, contact and help anyone in your organisation quickly and easily. Empower your employees by making everyone's safety the cornerstone of your company culture.

Safety Centre FAQs

Only Safety Operators have the ability to create a Safety Centre incident for their Workplace. System admins aren't automatically given access to Safety Centre, they must first appoint themselves as Safety Operators. When you're added as a Safety Operator, you're given access to all of Safety Centre's features, including all incidents that have been created by any other Safety Operators. Find more information in the Help Centre.

You can access Safety Centre from the Admin Panel, but before you can send any messages, you must first create an incident. To create an incident, go to your feed and click on the 'Admin Panel' in the left menu, then click on 'Safety Centre' and select 'Add incident'. You can also duplicate an existing incident from the Safety Centre home page by clicking the cloning button, then select 'Add incident'.

To end a Safety Centre incident, click on 'Close incident' in the upper right-hand corner of the incident page. You can also reopen an incident by clicking 'Reopen incident'. You must first close an incident before you can delete it by clicking 'Delete incident'. All Safety Operators assigned to the deleted incident will get an email notification of the deletion and a recap of incident metrics. Once an incident has been deleted, this action can't be undone.

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