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Live Video brings leadership communications to life.

Go live from your phone or broadcast all-company events from a laptop, and engage employees wherever they are.

Why Live Video? Because the best leaders don't just stick to the script. Start a real conversation with your company anytime, anywhere, share what's on your mind and hear what's on everyone else's, too.

Our machine learning technology now automatically creates Video Chapters after a live broadcast, so it’s easy to skip to the most relevant section if you missed it the first time.

Bring questions to the centre of viewers’ screens when hosting a Live Q&A, so people know exactly what you’re talking about. You can also filter questions and comments to make the conversation easier to follow.

Take the pulse of your audience with Live polls. You can set up multiple polls ahead of your broadcast.

Going live from your phone is great, but with Live Producer, you can create high-quality live events directly from your computer, with multiple hosts, screen sharing, Q&A, polls and live-stream metrics.

Make company communications accessible to everyone

Wherever you work or whatever device you use, our accessibility features make sure everybody has equal access to company information.

Turn on automatic captions for your live video broadcasts so that people can follow along even if they're watching with sound off or have a hearing impairment.

Save time by automatically translating English video captions into French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese (or vice-versa).

Ensure that automatic captions are accurate or add specific company terminology with our caption editing tool.

"With Live Video, people can comment or ask any questions they may have. It really strengthens our bond as a team in terms of top-to-bottom communication."

Andrea Barnett

Director of Communications & Media Relations, Numotion

How to use Live Video

Check out these guides and playbooks for advice and tips to get started with Live Video.

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Still have questions?

Workplace makes it simple to live-stream to your audiences. On desktop, when you click the Live Video icon on any post you’ll be directed to Live Producer where you can select a camera option, choose a group to broadcast into, and decide whether to schedule the video. On mobile, click the ‘Go Live’ button on any post and it will take you directly to your phone’s camera to start broadcasting. Learn more about Workplace Live.

If you’re broadcasting, you can turn on live captions from Live Producer when you go live in a group. If live captions are available for a live broadcast you’re watching, you can turn them on by clicking the ‘cc’ button. Select whether to turn live captions on or off and choose from languages including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and German.

You can broadcast live to your community with up to 50 hosts using Live Producer. Give your Workplace live video post a title and a description, then check that the ‘Choose where to broadcast’ section is showing the right group. Select whether your broadcast should have a Q&A, automatic captions or live rewind. Click ‘With other hosts’ and share your room link with others, then choose ‘Meet hosts’ to go live straight away or ‘Schedule Live’ for a future broadcast. Learn more about Live Producer.

Workplace Live Video Analytics enable video creators and system admins to view how many people watched or engaged with their broadcast. Analytics can also give you information about how coworkers engaged with the video across different places it may have been shared, as well as how many comments you had on your post, the number of reactions to it, and how many coworkers saw the post for at least a fraction of a second. Find out more about Live Video Analytics.

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