Stay on the same page withKnowledge Library

Create, store and share all your important files in one place. Knowledge Library makes your company’s information more accessible and discoverable on desktop and mobile.

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The new home for all your key resources.

Knowledge Library brings your most essential company information all in one place for better team alignment and employee engagement.

Why choose Knowledge Library? It’s intuitive and simple to use without IT support. It also comes with lightweight analytics to track engagement, so you know what kind of content resonates with your team.

Unlike other intranets, Knowledge Library is a simple, out-of-the-box solution that doesn’t need tech support. It’s just as easy to create documents and share content, as it is keeping them up to date.

Our Knowledge Library API pulls in content from other intranets like SharePoint, making it simple to migrate content and find key information without leaving Workplace.

Knowledge Library is designed with mobile in mind. It’s easy to access information on any device or in any location, making it a real mobile-first solution for your whole business

It’s easy to create

Use simple, intuitive tools and templates to create new pages, add images, links, files and more. You can also add sub-categories if you want to explore topics in more detail.

Make your company content more visible and engaging with hero images for categories.

Knowledge Library leads to higher adoption because of its ease and customisation. It’s also a standard feature in every Workplace package, so you won’t pay any extra.

Take more control by assigning management rights to specific individuals, and give them special permission to create, edit, view or publish individual categories.

Search helps your employees find what they’re looking for within a category in a more targeted way. So they don’t have to search the entire Knowledge Library at once.

"We were able to deploy Knowledge Library in under a day to make sure that our employees were kept informed about COVID-19."

Steve Clark

Senior Manager, Communication Channels, Virgin Atlantic

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Still have questions?

You can find Knowledge Library in the Explore Menu underneath the News Feed. It sits alongside your Chat threads, Group posts and Live Video content as a centre for collective knowledge across your entire business. Best of all, you can use one simple search bar to find all of your companies’ content and information.

Your Knowledge Library home is a customisable page that directs people to relevant information. The home page will be unique for each viewer based on the categories they have access to, but admins can highlight priority categories and key links that can be visible to everyone. You can also customise your home page with cover photos, files, tables, images and videos, and text such as headers, bullet points and quotes.

You don’t need any specialist skills to create your Knowledge Library because it uses the same simple and familiar tools for content creation as the rest of Workplace. Anyone in your Workplace community can be given access to create, edit and publish content, and to view individual categories. That means that everyone always has access to the right content.

You can create categories and sub-categories for any topic or any kind of content. You can then invite category editors to take the lead on content creation for those categories or any sub-categories within them. To make someone a category editor, simply click on the invite button and go to the ‘Can edit’ tab to assign people by name or group membership.

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