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Emphasize the impact of your most important posts to make sure your message is seen by the right people - both on and off Workplace.

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Cut through the noise with high priority posts.

Let your group members see your most important posts and announcements by pinning them to the top of your News Feed.

Prioritise your messages for instant attention. Make sure your critical posts reach the right audience, then measure the impact of your comms to improve how your employees communicate.

With targeting options, you can pin your critical updates to the top of the News Feed to make sure specific groups of people never miss important information.

Select the post you want to highlight, then choose from one to seven days for it to show at the top of the News Feed. You can also send email notifications to give it even more attention.

Make sure your messages don't fall on deaf ears by using the ‘Notify Again’ option for those who haven’t engaged with your announcements yet.

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